Video: Prince’s 21 Nights In L.A. Announcement On Lopez! Watch Now!

For those that missed it when we exclusively told you that PRINCE was going to call into Lopez tonight and announce that he will be doing George's show next week, and kicking off 21 nights at The Fabulous Forum, here it is.

L.A., it's about to get funky. Um...can you pass some of that footspray over?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: The Puerto Rican Brother From Another Mother Is Ready

Update:  Notice how we say he will be kicking off the shows at the Forum.  Reason why we did not say all shows is not all shows will be at Forum.  Will update as info becomes available...

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  1. when will Prince come to Kansas City??? hurry, i have got to get my 5 kids to see Prince live in concert

  2. Wish I could go to the show and first concert. Can’t make it but deffinately a roadtrip in the works! I Love to hear Prince’s voice ~ soooo sexy. :smile:

  3. When is George going to change those silly chairs; he “shrinks” away in them, and appears as though he’s taking a dump. Also, George, Speak to the microphones; don’t speak to the back-row audience members. Ask Prince about The Copyright Act of 1976; Prince is great, and soon should begin releasing material from his “vault”- even “rereleasing” older material.


  5. Please play COMPUTER BLUE!!!!

  6. I’M SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!0-(-I->

  7. That sounds like great news- wanna c!!!

  8. Roadtrip!

  9. OMG.. How do we get tickets?!?????

  10. Man, Prince has the life!

  11. Great! Enjoy the shows LA.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing the video!! It is great hearing Prince announce the big news himself!!! L.A. is so lucky, I wish I could be there, but I still love the fact that Prince is obviously loving to perform!!!

  13. Great for L.A…. Happy 4 you all!! Prince bring your Funk to the Motor City!! You know we love you!! And we need to have some Real Talent back here in the D.

  14. Happy LA! We had only one Night in Germany last year.

  15. happy for the L.A. fans wish Prince would come to Maryland and do 21 nights here :(

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