Video: Behind The Scenes Of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” American Idol Performance

Kanye West & Katy Perry. Promotional Photo For

Kanye West & Katy Perry. Promotional Photo For

So, Katy Perry will be performing her smash hit “E.T.” on American Idol this Thursday…and it is supposed to be her only performance of this song ever.  We find that hard to believe. 

Maybe on TV.  She has to perform this on her tour!  When I am rolling around the streets of Hollywood, people are bobbin’ their head with the doc on this one.

Check out the making of the costumes for American Idol and the dance moves behind it.  BTW, we have been DYING to show you this photo of Kanye n Katy from the video shoot.  Hope you love it.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: DVR Is Set!



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