Uh-Oh! Did Beyonce Steal Billboard Performance From An Italian Artist? Video Proof!

It seems Beyonce’s Billboard Music Award Performance that Stephen Hill was saying was the best since Michael Jackson’s Motown 25 Moment may have been copied from an Italian performer.

Lorella Cuccarini did almost the exact same performance last year with the wings sprouting and the drums along with a stick coming out of nowhere. We are told the same company was used for both performances but does that make it right to use another singer’s performance exactly the same?

Check out the side by side video above.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: The Video Doesn’t Lie B

P.S. thanks to reader Marie for bringing this to our attention.



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  • te
    Posted at 23:40h, 25 May

    yeah dont waste your time leavung a comment if you feel though she didnt copied.sshe has been stealing janet and michael shakira and j-lo stuff every since she did krazy in love and she stole that music from the old school music look it up the cigar and hat video she stole that from ciara but tha performance she did at the billboards when she open her legs and squated down a couple of times i thought she was copying ciara, the head to the side thats janet jackson.then she had the nerve to do her voice like nicki minaj the back ground with all of her dancing on the film she did that perormance last year using soldiers no one on this planet thought of that but michael and when he died she stole that and he did it in this is it.she did the ball someone on the internet said other artist should do what she did but janet did the ball first in feedbackshe raned out of people to copy from in the u.s she copying international she lied and said she dont look at the internet but she just said thank god i saw this performance it inspired me the video is the same and she moved some of the stuff to the end.so when someone said she stole it it was something that they have been doing for a while and no other artist having done ypu dont see janet doing beyonce moves then beyonce had the nerve to say she worked hard how hard is it to copy off someone a queen and icon never copy thaey have their own style and she is taking people style and going back in people concerts like michael and janet etc and using i would sue her ass

  • 54Forty
    Posted at 22:42h, 25 May

    Beyonce admitted she copied. She responded to BillBoard by saying she was shown Cuccarini’s visuals and her team contacted the original design company who then did the same for her. She said she was “inspired” by Cuccarini’s design and basically incorporated it in her act. Too bad she incorporated like 90% of it. Swaggerjacker – yes! Original – NO.

  • Steven
    Posted at 15:33h, 25 May

    How do you know what it means to be this big in the game and what that means. Where does it say that you can’t use technology out there. So what! Paying homage. Copying. Taking something to next level. It doesn’t matter. Even the dance moves that she uses in the video and performance is copied. She is paying homage to the dance troop Tofo Tofo from Mozambique.

    Michael Jackson was BIG in the game and he copied the moonwalk from streetdancers… Know your history… The fact that he copied it doesn’t make his Motown performance any less spectacular… but then again, he didn’t have the blogs to compete with at the time…

    Lady Gaga wouldn’t do it… Have you not heard “Born This Way”… it’s straight Madonna…. I like the website but don’t allow your dislike for a song or person to sway the whole picture…

  • Beyawnce
    Posted at 13:17h, 24 May

    James, the fact of the matter is that people are saying it is original and it is not. If you are this big in the game, you make sure no one else did it before you. So, those that claim she is being original are wrong and someone used it before her.

    Michael Jackson wouldn’t do it. Shoot, even Lady Gaga wouldn’t do it.

  • Jamez
    Posted at 12:42h, 24 May

    Gotta waste some more time, but unless she claimed it was her original idea, then there’s nothing to gripe about. Hard to believe she would if another company created the technology… It would be like Al Gore claiming he created the internet…

  • Jamez
    Posted at 12:37h, 24 May

    I thought Beyonce’s gig was the coolest thing ever. Just because someone else did it first with similar effects doesn’t matter – it wasn’t the same graphics, performance or music, just the concept. Kanye West was the first person I heard use the tone box effect. I’m sure he wasn’t the one who invented it or the first to use it and does that mean everyone else is copying him because others use some company’s technology! Not sure why I wasted my time replying to this…

  • endangeredspecies
    Posted at 09:28h, 24 May

    Leave it to Beyonce to be unoriginal. Whack

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