Video: The Twinz, Rosario Dawson & Others Plank For Peace; Weekends Remix


I will be VERY surprised if this video does not go crazy viral and become a youtube sensation.  The Twinz (They dance for the icon Prince) are part of a band called Heroine December, and use a remix version of "Weekends Are Made For Fun" to use while planking around Hollywood!

They start in the streets of Hollywood and then end up at LACMA.  The lady in black is Rosario Dawson, who discussed her obsession with planking on Jimmy Kimmell Live.  It is a craze that is catching on big time!

The Twinz even share footage of planking on stage while on tour with Prince during his 21 Night Stand In Los Angeles. 

The video is hilarious and will have some of you wondering how did they get in there and did they really just plank there?

This was also done with with Michael D. Jones from Silver Heart Productions

Check out the video and let us know what you think.  We have a feeling you might be trying planking by the time the weekend is over.  After all, weekends are made for fun right?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Planking Is Made For Fun

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  1. funny funny! 🙂 harmless funny 😉

  2. Looks like fun…even at 53 and tubby, I think I’d love to plank in some places. Pretty sure my students wouldn’t believe that I could/would do it!

  3. Hey Dr. Was hoping you can could tag my name, Michael D Jones or Silver Heart Productions as I’m the one who shot the stills and videos with the Twinz.

    Thanks homie

  4. song isn’t bad but planking is retarded

  5. OMG love this song. And I just adore the twinz!

  6. The Twinz Rock!!!! Makes me want to Plank for Peace too!!

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