Photo Of The Moment: Rosario Dawson

Rosiario Dawson Photo: GQ Magazine

Our photo of the moment is of Rosario Dawson from the latest issue of GQ Magazine. The "Raze" actress sizzles in a feature in the magazine.

The photo was taken by Carlos Serrao.

In the magazine, Rosario discusses hypnosis and over-sharing:

"I would use hypnosis to try to forget every negative comment and thing you just always keep in your head."

Besides tickling to get information out of me, pretty much just asking me a question will get an answer out of me. I'm kind of the person who over shares. So yeah, ask me a question, be ready to be there for a half an hour."

Just a half hour Rosario?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Tickling Miss Dawson? Challenge accepted!


Prince’s “The View” 1st TV Interview In Over A Year; Watch Now!

PRINCE did his first TV interview in over a year and when the ladies of "The View" were not giving him praise, he actually talked.

Prince talked about his upcoming "Welcome 2 Chicago" shows and if he really is shy or if he is a certain way around Barbara Walters.

In the second part of the interview, he was with the lovely and talented Rosario Dawson and Van Jones, who runs the "Rebuild The Dream" charity that Prince is donating some of the profits of the "Welcome 2 Chicago" dates to.

Check out the clips above and we wonder if there will be some more appearances coming shortly.-DocFB

P.S. Don't forget to check out the NEW PRINCE song "Rock & Roll Love Affair" right HERE!!!!


Video: The Twinz, Rosario Dawson & Others Plank For Peace; Weekends Remix


I will be VERY surprised if this video does not go crazy viral and become a youtube sensation.  The Twinz (They dance for the icon Prince) are part of a band called Heroine December, and use a remix version of "Weekends Are Made For Fun" to use while planking around Hollywood!

They start in the streets of Hollywood and then end up at LACMA.  The lady in black is Rosario Dawson, who discussed her obsession with planking on Jimmy Kimmell Live.  It is a craze that is catching on big time!

The Twinz even share footage of planking on stage while on tour with Prince during his 21 Night Stand In Los Angeles. 

The video is hilarious and will have some of you wondering how did they get in there and did they really just plank there?

This was also done with with Michael D. Jones from Silver Heart Productions

Check out the video and let us know what you think.  We have a feeling you might be trying planking by the time the weekend is over.  After all, weekends are made for fun right?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Planking Is Made For Fun


Video: Alicia Keys Joins Prince For 21 Nights In L.A. Watch Now!


OK, if you haven't been trying to get yourself to the Forum in L.A., which is already going to a be historic run of 21 Nights In L.A., where Prince has been performing his hits and many more through 3 shows already, he made you pay for it last night.

Prince started performing "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" at his piano while someone was being risen center stage.  The voice sounded before the lights went on her, but Miss Alicia Keys was singing the Prince song she covered while he played for her.

During the 2nd verse, which is what is posted above, Prince and Alicia turned the Prince classic into a duet.  How long will this video stay up though?  You may want to watch a few times just in case.  We love and respect Prince and we felt we needed to share this with you.  Hopefully, by not posting a full version (yet) it will be cool to keep up for now.

Prince said he had a big surprise in store for tonight.  All of No Doubt was there last night without Gwen Stefani.  Hmm.

Also at the show was Cuba Gooding Jr., Sheila E., John Stamos, Rosario Dawson, Glee's Lea Michele and at Thursday's show, Justin Timberlake, Magic Johnson and more.

L.A. and Hollywood's best are coming out to see the one and only, the Purple Icon, Prince.  We hear it's only going to get better.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Inglewood IS Feeling Good


Rosario Dawson Flashes Her……

Rosario Dawson1 SplashNews
Rosario Dawson1 SplashNews

Rosario Dawson1 SplashNews

Pearly whites!  Not only is she gorgeous, but she has got a great smile :) Since these pics were taken at a premiere of Johnny Depp's latest movie "Public Enemies", I can't help but wonder if that smile has anything to do with Johnny ( just sayin')....

Rosario Dawson SplashNews

Rosario Dawson SplashNews

Let's not forget, she is bad ass! Remember this?


Beauty Is In The Eagle Eye Of The Beholder


Rosario Dawson At Eagle Eye Premiere Photo: Splashnewsonline.com

Rosario Dawson made an appearance at the Eagle Eye red carpet premiere last night in L.A.