Rosario Dawson

Photo Of The Moment: Rosario Dawson

Our photo of the moment is of Rosario Dawson from the latest issue of GQ Magazine. The “Raze” actress sizzles in a feature in the magazine. The photo was taken by Carlos Serrao. In the magazine, Rosario discusses hypnosis and over-sharing: “I would use hypnosis to try to forget every negative comment and thing you […]

Prince’s “The View” 1st TV Interview In Over A Year; Watch Now!

PRINCE did his first TV interview in over a year and when the ladies of “The View” were not giving him praise, he actually talked. Prince talked about his upcoming “Welcome 2 Chicago” shows and if he really is shy or if he is a certain way around Barbara Walters. In the second part of […]

Video: The Twinz, Rosario Dawson & Others Plank For Peace; Weekends Remix

  I will be VERY surprised if this video does not go crazy viral and become a youtube sensation.  The Twinz (They dance for the icon Prince) are part of a band called Heroine December, and use a remix version of “Weekends Are Made For Fun” to use while planking around Hollywood! They start in the […]

Video: Alicia Keys Joins Prince For 21 Nights In L.A. Watch Now!

  OK, if you haven’t been trying to get yourself to the Forum in L.A., which is already going to a be historic run of 21 Nights In L.A., where Prince has been performing his hits and many more through 3 shows already, he made you pay for it last night. Prince started performing “How […]

Rosario Dawson Flashes Her……

Pearly whites!  Not only is she gorgeous, but she has got a great smile 🙂 Since these pics were taken at a premiere of Johnny Depp’s latest movie “Public Enemies”, I can’t help but wonder if that smile has anything to do with Johnny ( just sayin’)…. Let’s not forget, she is bad ass! Remember this?