Jay Z & Kanye West Make A Buddy Video For “Otis”


Although they are having issues with their tour, Jay Z and Kanye West are dominating the thrown at the top of the charts.  "Watch The Thrown" had over a million pre-orders online and most importantly, the CD didn't leak!  The only let down seems to be the new video for "Otis" which just debuted.

I haven't seen a buddy team like this since Tango & Cash.  The highlight for me is a brief cameo by Aziz Ansari who stars in the movie "30 Minutes Or Less" which opens today.

I'm just not feeling the video.  I will not be funking it but dunking it.  What do you guys think of "Otis" by Kanye & Jay Z?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Sitting On The Dock Of The Hov

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  1. Right on Dr., i guess i read it wrong and i guess you wrote the name of the song wrong:)

  2. I like it. I’m sure we’ll see more people filming like this after they see it. At least, they’ll try to do the same. They’ll use skateboards and shopping carts for dollies. Strange angles. Turning a Camry into a Mad Max Machine. Tieuel Legacy! Motion

  3. I am not funking it BUT dunking it. Already said how I feel above. :)

  4. You changed the name from “Otis” to “Odis” but don’t want to funk it or dunk it? Make a stand, you aren’t going to hurt there feelings by giving your opinion.

  5. Sweet. LOVE LOVE LOVE

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