Comedian Patrice O’Neal Dies From Stroke At Age 41

Patrice O'Neal File Photo
Patrice O'Neal File Photo

Patrice O'Neal File Photo

Comedian Patrice O'Neal died at the age of 41 Monday night due to a diabetic stroke he had in October.

His friends at "The Opie And Anthony Show" confirmed he passed away.  His booking agent, Matt Frost, released this statement:

"It is with terrible sadness we must report that Patrice O’Neal has passed away this morning at 7:00am due to the complications of the stroke he suffered on October 19.

Many of us have lost a close and loved friend; all of us have lost a true comic genius. His mother, who was also his best friend, was at his side.  Patrice is survived by his wife, Vondecarlo; his step daughter Aymilyon, sister Zinder, and his mother Georgia.

The family wishes to thank all of the fans and friends who have expressed an outpouring of love and support for Patrice these past weeks. We ask that you please respect the family’s request for privacy at this difficult time."

Patrice was popular for his unique stand-up routine and was a fixture on several roast specials.  On the roasts, they would make fun of Patrice for his diabetes, which a lot of friends did not feel he took seriously, and would joke about his death.  His death is no joke......and neither is diabetes.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Another big man gone too soon....


Conrad Murray Gets A Maximum Of 4 Years Jail Time

Conrad Murray & His Defense Team. Photo: AP
Conrad Murray & His Defense Team. Photo: AP

Conrad Murray & His Defense Team. Photo: AP

Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to 4 years in prison for the death of Michael Jackson. Murray's time will be spent in L.A. County Jail.

The judge appeared often upset and brought up a documentary that Murray shot with MSNBC where Murray said Michael's death lies with Michael not him.

Murray will also have to pay "appropriate restitution" to the Jackson Estate and Michael's kids at a later date.  The prosecution is hoping for a $100 million dollars, but no amount was set yet.  They were also hoping for money from Murray to pay for the almost $2 million funeral costs for Michael.

Michael's family released a statement to the court before sentencing:

"We are not here to seek revenge.  There is nothing you can do here today that will bring Michael back." "We respectfully request you impose a sentence that reminds physicians they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder." 

Murray could only get a maximum of 4 years in prison, but we ask, did the punishment fit the crime?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Not enough time or just right?


Prince Talks Canadian Tour & Vertigo Battle In New Interview

Prince.  Photo:  NPG Records 2011
Prince. Photo: NPG Records 2011

Prince. Photo: NPG Records 2011

Prince called into Chum 104.5 radio this morning in Toronto to discuss his upcoming concerts this weekend and more.

Prince discussed the release of his not so new song "Extraloveable" and how there are 3 different versions he will be releasing plus working with newest band member Andy Allo on her upcoming record.

Prince also talks about his battle with epilepsy and says that he has been having flashes of vertigo lately.

He also shows off his sense of humor at times during the rare interview.

Check it out below:

What did you think of the interview?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Tickets for this weekends shows and aftershows are going fast!


Prince’s Toronto Afterjam Tickets On Sale Now! Buy Them Here!

Prince Photo: Randee St. Nicholas
Prince Photo: Randee St. Nicholas

Prince Photo: Randee St. Nicholas

PRINCE's first weekend of the Welcome 2 Canada tour is going to have afterjams and you can get tickets to this exclusive event now!

The first 50 people to get tickets will be able to purchase the tickets for $60.  After that, the next round will be $75, and then a $100.

The name of the club is Ame (Ah-May) which is Japanese for rain.  We teased on Twitter earlier about the rain coming down and that is what we meant.

You can purchase tickets to both shows below:

Prince Official Afterjam Show Friday November 25th 2011

Prince Official Afterjam Show Saturday November 26th 2011

Good luck, have fun, and keep it funky!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  This weekend, the T dot is the spot!


Maceo Parker To Join Prince & The NPG In Canada!

NPG Photo: Randee St. Nicholas NPG Records
NPG Photo: Randee St. Nicholas NPG Records 2011

NPG Photo: Randee St. Nicholas NPG Records 2011

We just got this photo in our inbox along with the info that the legendary Maceo Parker will be joining Prince & The NPG in the Welcome 2 Canada Tour!

The first show kicks off this weekend and you can get your tickets via Live Nation.

Here are the tour dates below:

11/25/11 – Air Canada Centre – Toronto, ON
11/26/11 – Air Canada Centre – Toronto, ON
11/30/11 – Halifax Metro Centre – Halifax, NS
12/02/11 – Bell Centre – Montreal, QB
12/03/11 – Scotiabank Place – Ottawa, ON
12/05/11 – John Labatt Centre – London, ON
12/08/11 – MTS Centre – Winnipeg, MB
12/13-14/11 – Rexall Place – Edmonton, AB
12/16/11 – Rogers Arena – Vancouver, BC
12/17/11 – Save on Foods Memorial Centre – Victoria, BC

With Maceo now in the mix, it is going to be even more funky, if that is possible.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Pass The Peas...along with the stuffing n mashed potatoes!!


Prince Releases New Song “Extraloveable” Listen Now!!!!

Prince & Andy Allo. Photo NPG Records 2011
Prince & Andy Allo. Photo NPG Records 2011

Prince & Andy Allo. Photo NPG Records 2011

Prince is about to embark on his "Welcome 2 Canada" tour and in advance, he has released a new song "Extraloveable" now on sale through I-Tunes Canada.

Don't you wanna take a bath with Prince?

The song clocks in at just 5 minutes long and features the lovely and talented Andy Allo (&Y) and for the hardcore Prince fan, this song is very intriguing.

"Extraloveable" was originally recorded in the early 80's by Prince and is one of his most popular bootlegged songs of all time.  It seems Prince is going through his vault at his recording studios, Paisley Park, for material and surprising many fans who thought this song would never be released.

The song has been newly recorded this year so I guess you can call it "Extraloveable 2011" if you want.

The song is being released by Universal Music Group in Canada, however, we feel it is through Live Nation who struck the deal for Prince.

Prince must have major love for the Canadian fans to release something like this before his tour kicks off there.  Funky!

Check out a sample of the track below:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The track can ONLY be purchased on Canadian I-Tunes Right now.

We also hear Prince has more surprises for Cananda so stay tuned!

What do you think of "Extraloveable" by Prince?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Prince is Extraloveable isn't he?

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Katy Perry To Host Saturday Night Live!

Robyn & Katy Perry. Photo: Getty Images
Robyn & Katy Perry. Photo: Getty Images

Robyn & Katy Perry. Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry will be hosting Saturday Night Live on December 10th with musical guest Robyn.

We know Katy could host and perform but it is interesting to see some shine go to Robyn. She was also the opening act of Katy's "California Dreams" tour.

Katy Perry should hold the record for most numbers off of 1 album by that time as well.  Right now, she is tied with Michael Jackson's "Bad" album  for 5 number 1's.

We have a feeling her husband Russell Brand might show up for this episode as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Hope she does an SNL short with Andy Samberg