Tony Kanal Of No Doubt & Drfunkenberry Take In Van Halen

Drfunkenberry & Tony Kanal.
Drfunkenberry & Tony Kanal.

Drfunkenberry & Tony Kanal.

After Van Halen rocked the Forum, I ran into Tony Kanal of No Doubt. We talked briefly and the guy was friendly to all.

My friend spoke to him first and said that we cannot wait for the album.  Tony replied, "We are working hard on it and can't wait for it to be out as well."

After I took a photo with him, I let him know about drfunkenberry.com and he knew of the site.   Tony said: "I love the site. I go there all the time."

I said the site would be even better if we get something exclusive for when the new No Doubt CD comes out.  I thanked him for his time and cursed myself a million times for being without a business card.

I mean we could all use just a snippet or something new from No Doubt right?  There is that send us news button above.....just in case someone wants to.  Ahem.

Tony was totally cool and hope you guys enjoy the photo.-DocFB

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  1. cool xxx

  2. Awesome, man. I’m a huge No Doubt fan – so cool you ran into him. Can’t wait for the new record!

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