Comedian Lewis Black Looks At Media Coverage Of Whitney Houston’s Death

So we all heard the bad puns the media said covering Whitney Houston’s death.  “She can no longer have the greatest love of all” or “she can longer say she will always love you” and we rolled our eyes. Lewis Black remembers and takes them to task.

We have missed “Back In Black” on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and it returned last night with a vengeance.

Going after Nancy Grace for assuming someone drowned Whitney when no one knew and other media people jumping to conclusions.

We know the media sensationalize everything and Whitney was no exception.  Check out Lewis Black setting them straight on it.-DocFB



  • Alfred Haynes
    Posted at 10:37h, 26 February

    Whitney Houston is an icon. She is, and always will be, the Queen of Pop.

    Her death is an international story, because her talent was so tremendous, it spanned continents and touched souls in every corner of the globe.

    Unlike other “singers”, Whitney didn’t rely on gimmicks and slutty outfits to sell records – she didn’t have to – she could actually sing.

    I am convinced that some of the vitriol aimed at Whitney is rooted in racism. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that most of the people making insensitive remarks about her death are white.

    But have no fear… death is the ultimate equalizer. The same lowlife dogs who dare to mock the dead… will one day die… and the vultures will feed on their corpses, too!

  • Christopher A.
    Posted at 10:45h, 22 February

    while i think people have been shitty about the media coverage.. no one bitches, complains and fusses when they STILL talk about Elvis, and no one complained then, when he OD’D and u couldnt escape the media coverage of his death.. and they STILL call him the King? r u kidding me?!? but we shouldnt be allowed to have media coverage of whitney, michael?

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