Prince’s Welcome 2 Australia Tour Book Cover Revealed!


PRINCE is getting set for his Welcome 2 Australia tour and we were just sent what the tour book will look like!

We first got the image of a sword-wielding PRINCE Thursday night and shared it on our twitter and Facebook accounts and within minutes, both accounts were filled with 100's of comments.

Some people thought it was photoshopped and were tripping on Prince's 'Fro and physique.  Some felt a touch of the 80's cult classic "The Last Dragon" with sword in hand.  "Everybody was kung-fu fighting."  Ahem.  Sorry, couldn't help it.

Regardless, I am digging that EXTRALOVEABLE arm band.  Make sure to pick one up at the merch booth in Australia...along with the tour book.  Shameless plug.  (If you get an extra, you can always send one my way.  Grin.)

You can download a full resolution of the pic HERE.  thanks to Prince and his team for sending in the image.

We are working on a higher resolution image and will get it up shortly.  Interestingly enough, the image shape will look good for your cover photo's for your Facebook timelines.  Hmm.  Imagine that.

What do you guys think of the tour book cover?  Australia, are you ready?-DocFB

For more information on the Welcome 2 Australia tour, click HERE.

Comments (23)
  1. Go Uncle Prince with your sword of the spirit! Ephesians 6:10-20 I love it!

  2. play the opera house dude. one off gig. you can play all that jazzy/offbeat stuff you can’t get away with in an arena show full of kids. plus you get to play in an iconic venue. dave grohl did it and he raved about it.


    warm up gig somewhere in sydney to get match fit. announced here or on dr f. please. pretty please. you know you want to

  3. Man I would LOVE to see him he is magnificent! Can’t wait!!

  4. Oooo and I can’t wait till we on the other side and u can have that enormous (For You) fro again:)

  5. Wow peeps is crazy! Those are his arms and wonderfully made hard workin hands.”U R blackgoldblackgold!” Now put that beautiful hand back on the picture!!

  6. Unless he’s been working out or gained 10 pounds, i doubt those arms are real. They can photoshop just about any bodypart.

  7. Well, alrighty then! Go ahead Prince!

  8. Prince has been eavesdropping yet again. Still bet mine is sharper than yours. LOL!

  9. oh wow! another new look. love how he changes his looks. he was always so good looking, is so good looking & will always be so good looking. i wish he would put more pics of himself in his tour books & not so many of his band. he is prince & no one else. the sword is probadly because oz is near asia & wanted to show asia his respect. maybe he will head to japan next. regarding his arms he does weight lift. WAITING FOR NEW ALBUM! thanks dr. for always being on top & sharing. appreciate so much. maybe prince might do concert in los angeles. pray.

  10. like most of his videos, he will look back on this and have the “what was i thinking moment”. maybe he was just having some fun — i just wish he would be more focused on stuff like this — i am just saying

  11. Ha, ha, ha, love it! to be Prince….

  12. Wow! I could not believe the comments coming in on your FB Page. Some nasty negative people out there! I don’t see what the big deal is, I think he always looks great, and more importantly, he always sounds great! Who cares how he wears his hair? He is beautiful, with a sexy bod and sexy voice, which is all we really know anyway, since we don’t know HIM, the person. Be nice people! Thanks for sharing Doc!

  13. Wow….

    This MAY top the Rave album cover as most unimaginably goofy picture of Prince in existence.

    Added to long list of – WTF is he thinking moments in Prince history.

  14. Prince should avoid showing his arms. He is getting fat.

  15. Princey put away the sword U ain’t no Bruce Lee, just use ur mind ;)..please come visit me in Finland and I’ll oil ur fro. Peace & luve 4ever

  16. The image works well with the tourbook layout. Its genius! can Princey ever do anything wrong..lol ………….Number 7V3N

  17. Don’t cut off the hand!! I love those hands!

  18. I want one of those Arm Bands for myself.. He should sell those on his W2AUS site.. Just saying..

  19. I wish I could be there Doc … does new music come with the new look ?

  20. If I miss out on this tour (having missed the last 2 downunder) I’ll go ballistic!

    On tenterhooks til (regular) tix go on sale monday!

  21. love

  22. YAY Australia! Last year i saw P+NPG at North Sea Jazz Fest Rotterdam and in Small club Melkweg Amsterdam .. Heaven Oh Yeah! … in the meanwhile spotify:user:themammal:playlist:3ZlssYbCgwBZ7i7pKSxfx5

  23. can’t wait for his new tour!!

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