Fdeluxe (Formerly The Family) Respond To Prince’s “Mutiny”!

FDeluxe Promo Photo
FDeluxe Promo Photo

FDeluxe Promo Photo

Earlier this week, PRINCE released a rehearsal jam exclusively to drfunkenberry.com of "Mutiny/Ice Cream Castles" a response of sorts to if former bands in his Purple Court could open up for him in Australia.

Paul Peterson aka St. Paul of Fdeluxe (Formerly The Family) received the track before anyone else last week....and responded in play to his former boss.  They felt Prince was having a little fun with the band, so they thought they would return the serve.

Fdeluxe is Paul Peterson, Susannah Melvoin, Eric Leeds, and Jellybean Johnson.

The response?  "Hot Summer At Menards."  Menards is a home improvement store in the Mid-West for those that may not know.

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Hmm.  "Hot Summer" is a song that Prince gave to the radio station The Current in Minneapolis in June of 2010.

Do they have any garden tools?  What do you think of Fdeluxe's response to "Mutiny" and will The Original 7ven/The Time respond as well?  We don't think so, but you never know.  Will you be going to any "Hot Summer" sales?  No?  Ok then.

Will Prince respond to this response with an even funkier rehearsal jam?  Stay tuned........-DocFB

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  1. Maybe this is all just a setup for another Purple Rain sequel (electric boogaloo)….The plot will center around The Kid now fueding with F-Delux and the Original 7ven.

  2. This is excellent.

    Prince had a jab. He is an ungenerous, paranoid prick.

    The Family have a jab back. They say “That’s all very well, but your recent music sounds like advertisement backing.”

    And they are right. And they are funny. And they have owned Prince, who is (I repeat) an ungenerous, paranoid dickhole.

  3. I would have sent his a** a link to a video of the Prince doing a really KICKING version of “Mutiny” during the Detroit show back in the day. Fight Prince with BETTER Prince! 🙂

  4. I grew up in Minnesota and saw Menard’s commercials on TV regularly. Not that I’m endorsing Prince and Paul’s feud, but Paul’s impression of the Menard’s spokesman is SPOT-ON!!! LMAO

    I will say that I HOPE the back-and-forth jabs between P & P stop here…but I’m smart enough to realize they probably won’t.

  5. I get the joke, it’s very funny and best possible answer to what Prince has given to these guys. The reheasal snippet was a bad joke just as bad as hot summer jingle crap song is like.

    Oh god, I wish I could see Prince’s face reacting to that hot summer jingle! 😉

  6. O m g what’s up with all the drama l o l

  7. Nice Paul. Hilarious…. That track does sound like a cheesy garden store jingle… P deserves that after that uncalled for back handed slap at you and the Time, oh excuse me, the Original Seven

  8. Well, they’ve out stupided Prince. Good work, guys.

  9. Um,If you listen The link is just what that song Prince’ song ‘Hot Summer’ sounded like.A BAD commercial….I get the joke fully ! Bravo Paul

  10. Paul has a weird sense of humour….& i am not getting it ….


  12. LOL- a PRIVATE joke?? Menard’s is a Minnesota HARDWARE store. I am guessing the point is that song is about good enough for an ad for garden tools! A better swipe at Princes current musical “genius” versus a 25 year old grudge. Prince is the one who unforgiving.

  13. yeah, it would seem clear this is in fact a responce to Prince? I’d hopE so because it makes little sense out here in the real world, but maybe in Princeville it is a good joke. I mean really, so many people are trying to eXplain away this “joke”. I don’t even know the vaGue Prince refrences.

    I wonder if I were to land and kid-nap Prince in a ufo and were to take him away to a planet that spoke the human english, Would Prince be able to communicate with them not knowing who he was or Princeisms…

  14. It must be a very private joke…

  15. This is going over 2 many heads. Inside joke? Nobody spoke. Psychological toke ?We don’t give a damn, we just wanna jam! To err is human, to forgive is divine- We know you are divine Prince- there was never a question of u <3

  16. Would you get the facts straight before you continue to post all of the Prince stupidity. Prince gave the horrible song ‘Hot Summer’ to the Current in 2010. It’s funny how these stupid publicity stunts using Fdeluxe and The Original 7ven is the best you all can do.

  17. It’s funny to me!
    Good to see old Friends/Acquaintances having a light hearted funk internet battle going..
    It’s love… dont take it too seriously anybody..
    Fdeluxe may not be selling out arenas like the MAN but, their funk is REAL too!

  18. Hi-larious!!

  19. I don’t get it! :/

  20. reminiscence of East Coast/West Coast battle. Ugly. Next thing they will be sending each other bottles of 3121 perfume.

  21. Hot Summer? Don’t U mean Hot Mess. Paul, should’ve been a little more hip or at least more creative! A better response would have been a rehearsal of “Nothing Compares 2 ME” with a little Wooden Leg (oak tree). haha

  22. Good they responded but a funky live retort would’ve been much more effective. Glad they have a sense of fun ans still wish P would have Fdeluxe support him in Australia

  23. this is hysterical! love it! so funny!

  24. funny as in huh??? definately strange. hope prince responds.

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