The Family

Exclusive Photos! fDeluxe & The NPG Hold An Encore Jam Session

fDeluxe performed at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis last night and before it was all over, 2 of Prince’s band members from the NPG joined fDeluxe for the encore which turned into an all out jam session! Morris Hayes sporting a little longer doo nowadays took a spot behind the keyboards while the talented […]

Fdeluxe (Formerly The Family) Respond To Prince’s “Mutiny”!

FDeluxe Promo Photo

Earlier this week, PRINCE released a rehearsal jam exclusively to of “Mutiny/Ice Cream Castles” a response of sorts to if former bands in his Purple Court could open up for him in Australia. Paul Peterson aka St. Paul of Fdeluxe (Formerly The Family) received the track before anyone else last week….and responded in play to his former […]

“Thumbs Up For Rock & Roll” For Prince & Possible Tour Opening Acts

Music icon Prince sure has a sense of humor. Along with a musical message to The Time/Original 7ven’s Terry Lewis, he sent the video above. This video is too funny. “Thumbs up for rock & roll?” all right then. When we first saw this video, I was like Waa?…. but by the end, it had […]

Fdeluxe Performs “Screams Of Passion/Gaslight”

2 days after Fdeluxe performed at Largo in Los Angeles, they traveled to the bay area to play Yoshi’s. The performed material they recorded as The Family with Prince back in the 80’s and new material they have recorded as Fdeluxe recently. Here is a clip of them performing “Screams Of Passion” and “Gaslight” at Yoshi’s.  […]