New Adam Lambert Video “Never Close Our Eyes” Is Eye-Opening

"Never Close Our Eyes" is the latest video from Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" CD which currently is still the #1 CD in America.

I was really hoping this video would have a dance sequence and towards the end, it does. We have a feeling there are a few messages in the new video we are not getting yet but will have to watch again.

It is visually stunning. What bothers me about the video I can't really explain without looking like an idiot so I may have ot revisit this subject. I like it overall. It is different than the other cookie cutter videos out there.

What do U think?-DocFB

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  1. <3 IT!!

  2. Great vid!!!

  3. I still don’t get it, but Adam’s IQ is probably 180 or so. And I am 59 years old. Could some one please explain it to me?

  4. It’s a great video, well photograped and coreographed, and could easily spawn a movie. That said, when I think of the video of the song that was in my head, it was completely different, about romance, and involved a man named Sauli Koskinen. Obviously, Adam Lambert is a deeper thinker than I am!

  5. what’s there to explain? it’s just another music video about a group of people freeing themselves from a semi-futuristic dystopia. 😛

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