You Fancy, Huh! Adam Lambert Never Closes His Eyes In Canada

Adam Lambert. Photo:

Adam Lambert. Photo:

Adam Lambert was spotted at The Ritz Carlton in Toronto, Canada where he was promoting his number 1 CD “Trespassing” there.

Adam was spotted a couple of times and each time had a smile on his face. He is showing no signs of slowing down on the promotion train.

Adam Lambert. Photo:

Adam Lambert. Photo:

The video for “Never Close Our Eyes” debuted earlier this week. Go HERE if you haven’t seen it yet and let us know what you think!-DocFB



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  • Janice Kucera
    Posted at 16:35h, 03 June

    I SO MUCH agree with Sharon & RedRoseQueen1 and I’ve wondered SOOO many times if ANYone realizes just how heavy this load is, Adam is carrying & so gracefully, with ALWAYS that SWEET SMILE & PERSONALITY!!! I have ALWAYS thought that he is a gift to us from up above, & most “clod-like”, humans take him all for granted!!! His VOICE is the MOST EXCEPTIONAL instrument I’ve EVER heard and I HOPE this new video, “Never Close Our Eyes”, is noticed as a movie-like production & exposes yet another side to this phenomenal Mega-star among us!!

  • RedRoseQueen1
    Posted at 16:27h, 02 June

    I’d just like to echo what Sharon said….Adam IS the most indefatigable person in show biz! With the vocal acrobatics he does, one would think his voice and/or energy would have given out by now but thankfully he is a healthy young man and keeps his eyes on the prize! He DOES have to work MUCH harder than many LESSER talented artists to earn HALF the respect.
    Hopefully that will soon change. Especially after 3 concerts in Eastern Europe and 3 in the UK with Queen. Then, MORE people on the planet will realize what a treasure he is! And by all means, watch his new video and BUY his new album, “Trespassing” on Amazon, or Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble or DL iTunes. It’s my new jam! Thanks! (Be sure to spring for the extra 3 tracks on the deluxe edition, you’ll love it all!)

  • Sharon
    Posted at 13:21h, 02 June

    I don’t know how Adam does it. He’s always promoting his new album, flying or taking a bus around the US mainly on East Coast recently. I’ve never seen a more hardworking guy in my life. He has to work 10x harder to be successful than the lesser talented singers/performers. It’s an unjust world but Adam never gives up or complains. How can you not love this guy. I sure do. Btw the new video is incredible he has out done himself once again.

  • Janice Kucera
    Posted at 15:16h, 30 May

    If you haven’t seen Adam’s new video,” Never Close Our Eyes”, my God, DO SO if you LOVE Adam!! It’s on Vevo & it’s AWESOME —- front part has an X-Files effect going on & last part definitely has traces of Michael Jackson, BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE!, as ADAM LETS YOU KNOW IT IS ADAM LAMBERT! PERFECTION IN MOTION & VOICE IS PERFECTION!!! Janice K

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