Justin Bieber Causes State Of Emergency As Fans Go Crazy In Oslo, Norway!

Bieber Fever Hits Oslo. Photo: Twitter.com

Wow. I haven’t seen people running and screaming like that since 9/11. So, what was it? A bombing? An earthquake? Nope. It was Norwegians suffering from a big case of Bieber fever.

Justin Bieber is set to perform 4 new songs outside of Oslo’s famous Opera House and people from all over Europe went there to check out the “pretty” teen idol.

Bieber Fever Hits Oslo.  Photo:  Twitter.com

Bieber Fever Hits Oslo. Photo: Twitter.com

The photo above was taken at the hotel where Bieber was supposed to stay but couldn’t.

The police cannot control the crowd and they asked Bieber for help.

Justin tweeted; “…for the show to happen u must all listen to the police. we are all concerned for your safety and i want what is best for u. please listen.”

Justin will now be helicoptered in before his performance now.-DocFB




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