P!nk Loves The Shhh Out Of Jon Stewart As She Performs “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” Uncensored!

Drfunkenberry Loves The SHHH Out Of P!nk & Jon Stewart!

P!nk took to “The Daily Show W/Jon Stewart” to perform her new song “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” from her new CD “The Truth About Love” and profess she LOVES the SHHHH out of Jon.

Perhaps when she has a SHHH day, n we had a SHHH day, she puts on “The Daily Show” and her day is suddenly better.

Aside from the bleep of a whiskey….penis….the song is uncensored and aired that way.

We like P!nk any which way she wants to give it to us, clean or unclean.  It seems you do as well as the new CD is set to debut at #1 next week on the charts that used to matter, Billboard.

Drfunkenberry Loves The SHHH Out Of P!nk & Jon Stewart!

We are not sure The Daily Show loves the SHHH out of P!nk however. They have her CD listed as “I’m Not Dead” instead of “The Truth About Love”. Hmm. So Comedy Central, if you are reading this, you MIGHT wanna fix that. Then we can LOVE the SHHH out of you again!

Regardless, enjoy the badness of “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” and “Who Knew” by P!nk on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”-DocFB



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