Green Day Goes Off & Brings Rock & Roll Back! “I’m Not Justin Bieber!

Rock & Roll just got interesting again as Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong went off when they were being forced to end their set at the Iheartradio festival in Las Vegas.

Armstrong gets testy around the 5 minute mark noticing how much time was left and dropped a barrage of "F" bombs in succession. He said maybe they should get Usher back out there.

Then close to the 8 minute mark of the video, he goes off noticing they have 1 minute to finish the set. What does Billie Joe do? He goes old school rock & roll style saying "He is not Justin F'n Bieber" and then proceeds to smash his guitar.

Check out the video above. Total rocker craziness!-DocFB

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  1. Some could say this was just a Rock Star being a brat. I say it was Freakin’ GREAT!!! He’s so dang right, too. As much as I dig some Usher, this dude rocked his minutes out. He should of said, “I could teach Prince a thing or two about what Rockin’ out means, in ONE MINUTE!!! Rock and Roll love affair, pfft!!”

  2. Woo hoo hoo! That was the shyytt!!!

  3. Another episode of “When keepin’ it real, goes wrong!” Good job calling out Bieber, but get thyself to rehab my brotha!

  4. lol! perhaps not the right venue for Green Day? I mean……look at the tools in the audience

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