PRINCE’s “Rock & Roll Love Affair Going For Adds On Euro Radio + More!

Prince's new single "Rock & Roll Love Affair" has entered the charts before it's official release overseas November 2nd.

It has entered the German Top 300 Charts at number 184 and has been sent today to over 200 radio programmers all over Germany so the chart position should increase within a few days. Germany's biggest radio station SWR3 has the song in heavy rotation.

In Italy, the response has been rather positive and is being sent to over 300 radio and media networks there today.

In France, the adds have been somewhat slow, which is surprising, with about a 100 stations playing the song. That should increase shortly.

In Switzerland, Radio 1 was playing the song every 2 and a half hours along with other stations over there playing the song at least 3 times a day.

Expect more attention from music blogs and other media outlets in the next week when it concerns the song and the release on Purple Music November 2nd, 2012.

As of this writing, we do not know about a US release or an Itunes release.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do You believe in fairytales and Prince's?

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  1. I love the song!!! I love the vibe. When i listen to a song, i use my ears AND my heart. How does it make me feel? What color is the song? It makes me feel good! it sounds like happiness and contentment! It’s sky blue, man! His vocals are so rich and clear. the song is laid back and unhurried. A lot of ppl say they hear Take Me with U in it. For some reason, i hear Fleetwood Mac! Beautiful! I’d buy it!

  2. I’m completely bored with Rock & Roll Love Affair. If this is the best Prince can come up with, I don’t want him recording any new music as it taints his musical legacy and my attitude towards him in the 21st century. His religious conversion to Jehovah’s Witness has single handedly castrated him in a musical sense.

  3. Diagnosis: Do You believe in fairytales and Prince’s?
    A fairytale’s a fairytale; No matter how small
    and if Music be the Food of Love…play on.
    Yes, i’m turning on the stereo.

  4. Will Prince secure Copyrights/Publishing Rights to his original works… If he does, 2013, and beyond, should be full of great Prince issues and re-issues……

  5. so i pulled up the song on uTube the other day and as i mentioned it is a grower HOWEVER after my 3rd listen or so i am really diggin the song now. it def has a take me with u vibe —- i like this one more then take me with u. we could only hope he will have that type of response here in the states but with how funked up things r doubt it.

    this was great info — thanks for sharing Doc….u rock !!

  6. I heard it on the radio in a Thai restaurant in Williamsburg BK on Saturday :) Not sure of the station though

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