PRINCE’s “Rock & Roll Love Affair Going For Adds On Euro Radio + More!

Prince's new single "Rock & Roll Love Affair" has entered the charts before it's official release overseas November 2nd.

It has entered the German Top 300 Charts at number 184 and has been sent today to over 200 radio programmers all over Germany so the chart position should increase within a few days. Germany's biggest radio station SWR3 has the song in heavy rotation.

In Italy, the response has been rather positive and is being sent to over 300 radio and media networks there today.

In France, the adds have been somewhat slow, which is surprising, with about a 100 stations playing the song. That should increase shortly.

In Switzerland, Radio 1 was playing the song every 2 and a half hours along with other stations over there playing the song at least 3 times a day.

Expect more attention from music blogs and other media outlets in the next week when it concerns the song and the release on Purple Music November 2nd, 2012.

As of this writing, we do not know about a US release or an Itunes release.-DocFB

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Sheila E. Set For Playboy Jazz Fest; Talks European Fans

Sheila E. & Karina Smirnoff. Photo: Jeremiah Freed
Sheila E. & Karina Smirnoff. Photo: Jeremiah Freed

Sheila E. & Karina Smirnoff. Photo: Jeremiah Freed

Sheila E. hit us up just after returning from Europe letting us know that she would be on KTLA 5 to promote her Playboy Jazz Fest concerts this weekend.  That was only a few hours before she was to appear on the show.

Sheila taught the newscasters how to play on a water bottle.  Sheila also took time to talk about touring Europe and how she actually will be heading back there soon.

She also talked about this being the last year legendary comedian Bill Cosby will be hosting the Playboy Jazz Fest.

We have had a few problems trying to embed the interview but if you wish to access it, you can watch it HERE.

Have fun this weekend Sheila!-DocFB


Paul McCartney Announces Tour

Paul McCartney File Photo
Paul McCartney File Photo

Paul McCartney File Photo

The newly married Paul McCartney has announced a tour that will start next month.

The tour will kick off next month in Liverpool and London, as well as dates in Europe, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

This news comes days after Paul married Nancy Shevell.

The former beatle had this to say in a statement regarding the tour announcement; "Playing live is one of the most exciting parts of my job,"  "My audiences seem to get better each year and the band and I love the buzz and feedback they give us."

We are glad Paul is on tour and hope it ends up on U.S. shores soon.-DocFB

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Video: “Raise Your Glass” For Prince’s Twinz In Heroine December


Prince may be having a blast in Europe but he left his Twinz, Maya and Nandy McClean, here in L.A. to play with us.  N play with us they will this Saturday in their group "Heroine December" as they will be playing the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip.

Heroine December last played The Viper Room in early June, a little bit higher up on the Strip, and they did a rousing version of "Raise Your Glass" by Pink. 

If you are not doing anything this Saturday night, head on over to the House of Blues to check out Heroine December this "Weekend" for some fun.

For your pleasure, here is Heroine December covering "Raise Your Glass" by Pink.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The House Of Poiple


MTVU Video Premiere: Mayer Hawthorne “One Track Mind

"One Track Mind" is the latest from Mayer Hawthorne. He is having a little bit of a love affair with a mannequin. Or maybe it's Gweneth Paltrow.  I get those 2 confused every now and then.

The song is short but sweet and it's kind of cool.  Mayer Hawthorne is touring Europe from now til the end of May. 

Let me know what you think of "One Track Mind" by Mayer Hawthorne. -Dr.FB


CNN Denies Our Report Of Elizabeth Taylor In Hospital

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: VirginMedia.com
Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: VirginMedia.com

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: VirginMedia.com

You know I am loving this.  So, I sent our exclusive story of Elizabeth Taylor being admitted to the hospital to several news outlets including CNN. 

Within 20 minutes of sending it in, the CNN entertainment correspondent was debunking it and saying he already talked with someone saying it is false.  Wow.  He must have been in the room or something. 

The article states that they have a "source", so never mind I have "sources" confirming the story. 

It also says that Liz usually Twitters to debunk rumors.  So let me point out, she hasn't twittered to debunk the "rumor" because where she is at, she does not have access to a cell phone. 

It also says the Liz is packing to go to Europe.  Let's be real here: Liz hasn't packed her own luggage since the 1950's babe, so that story just doesn't fly.  Never mind that she used the same story when Michael Jackson passed away. 

I find it interesting also that the first comment left on the article confirms our story.

In a few days, we will see that Liz was in the hospital.  Since the media has missed her checking in, the only thing they can do now is catch her leaving.  

Keep in mind, CNN was the LAST to confirm Michael Jackson's death.  Just saying.  Who do you trust?  CNN or the Good Doctor?-Dr.FB


Lady Gaga Lays It Down For New York

Lady Gaga.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Lady Gaga. Photo: GettyImages.com

Lady Gaga performed at Radio City Music Hall last night in New York City, making her first concert appearance since cancelling a slew of shows due to being sick.

She says she will make up the shows.  The Monster Ball Tour will be hitting Europe next month.-Dr.FB

Lady Gaga. Photo: GettyImages.com