Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Hook Up At Secret PRINCE Show!

For those wondering if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together, I can tell you, after seeing it with my own eyes, they most definitely are!

RPatz and Kstew were being VERY lovey dovey and affectionate towards each other during Prince's set. With Prince having the Sayers Club confiscate cellphones and camera's before anyone gained entry, it afforded the couple to be with each other without being photographed being sweet on each other once again.

The Twilight stars stayed for Prince's entire set. You would figure they would bail early to escape the madness waiting for them outside but they didn't. After his set, they walked out with Kristen clutching on to Robert's Hand while they exited the back way.

Other celebrities in attendance for the Prince show at The Sayers Club were Jenny McCarthy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Jeremy Piven.

Thanks to Chris for heads up on guest list.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Who wouldn't hook up at a Prince concert?

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  2. Damn, you weren’t kidding; private n pricey. Musically, was it a rehash of Tuesday’s show or did some new shit see the light of night? Thanks Doc!

  3. LOL i knew it,Robsten stans are crazy and defensive as hell.Jessie im not a twihard,i know how Hollywood works and the PR teams so if you think the PDA photos ,videos etc and their timing is just a coincidence you are wrong.Bye

  4. Before you rant make sure you can spell, geez….these PR theories are getting stale! If you know anything abt PR, they are doing it wrong. And if you called yourself a fan but still believe Rob n Kris can be bought for PR?? Shame!

  5. How convenient! 3 weeks before the movie comes out they are sooo in love again…Summit is working very hard and people(not creepy shippers)dont believe this “recontilation”.Sorry twihards

  6. Very sweet. Must be nice to get away from the cameras and have some privacy.

    Now, how about some details on the show?!

  7. Nice scoop Doc! Hope they are happy together… But I’m more interested in Prince & Andre hooking up for Dance Electric… WHOA – talk about Life of the party!!!

  8. “confiscate cellphones”

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