Watch Now! “People Pleaser” Guitar Center Sessions With Andy Allo!

Andy Allo Guitar Center Sessions

Guitar Center Sessions With Andy Allo is set to air Friday Feb. 22nd and ahead of the show, they released Andy performing "People Pleaser" with the NPG band!

Catch an all new episode of Guitar Center Sessions with Andy Allo on February 22nd at 9pm ET /10pm PT on DirecTV Audience Network Channel 239. Visit http://gc.guitarcenter.com/sessions/ for other great performances. Get Andy's latest album "Superconductor".

We hope that a live performance "If I Was King" was performed.  We saw it on Jimmy Kimmel but it never aired or was put on the web.  Boo.

Andy Allo Photo Mathieu Bitton

Set your DVR's for FUNK overload next Friday! Enjoy the photo above from Mathieu Bitton!-DocFB

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Andy Allo Performs “People Pleaser” On Jimmy Kimmel! Watch Now!

Andy Allo's performance of "People Pleaser" aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it was as funky on TV as it was live in person.

Unlike the video version, the live performance features Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty.

I do not know when her performance of "If I Was King" will air yet. We imagine sometime soon.

BTW, her NEW Cd "Superconductor" is out now and can be purchased HERE on Amazon.com & on I-Tunes HERE and on Googleplay HERE!

There is some funk all over that CD.  Check it out after watching "People Pleaser"  above.-DocFB

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Andy Allo To Perform On Jimmy Kimmel Live 11/20!

Don't miss Jimmy Kimmel LIVE tomorrow night 11/20 as Andy Allo will be performing on the show.

Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty along with the NPG will be backing double A up.

The songs scheduled to be performed will be "People Pleaser" and "If I Was King" from her new album "Superconductor" which will be released the same day on I-Tunes and Amazon. "People Pleaser" will be sure to air.

Wonder who she is pointing at during her performance of "People Pleaser".....hmm.-DocFB

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Video Premiere & Jam Of The Week! “People Pleaser” By Andy Allo

Here is the video premiere of "People Pleaser" by Andy Allo, which is also the Jam Of The Week. "People Pleaser" is the lead single from Allo's "Superconductor" slated for release on November 20th.

Her band features the NPG (The New Power Generation) and quite a FUNKY horn section....


Andy Allo
John Blackwell - Drums
Ida Nielsen - Bass

Horns -

BK Jackson
Marcus Anderson
Adrian Crutchfield
Lynn Grissett
Steve Reid
Joey Rayfield
Roy Agagee
Keith Anderson
Sly 5th Ave
Phil Lassiter
Nick Marchione



on I-TUNES  bit.ly/QYfK0N

or Amazon http://amzn.to/T1b7l7

The video world premiered at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles 2 weeks ago before being released world-wide today.


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Your First Look: Andy Allo’s “People Pleaser” Teaser Video

I just got an email from Andy Allo who released a teaser for the "People Pleaser" video that debuted at The Sayers Club last week.

A little taste... to make sure you're ready... Are you?-Andy Allo

I can testify the video is funky. I cannot wait for all of you to see the full version.

For now, enjoy the teaser that Andy has put out of "People Pleaser" off of her upcoming CD "Superconductor" due for release....November 20th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I thought I was the People Teaser....


PRINCE’s “Rock & Roll Love Affair” & Andy Allo’s “People Pleaser” Videos Premiere At Sayers Club

Before Andy Allo and PRINCE took the stage at The Sayers Club, the music video's for "Rock & Roll Love Affair" and "People Pleaser" were world premiered.

Prince's "Rock & Roll Love Affair" video was shown first. It is a performance clip that was filmed at his Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis. It features Andy Allo playing a heart-shaped guitar and Hannah Ford playing drums in the video.

Prince doesn't hide the words on the carpet of the NPG Music Club, his former web site that won a Webby and recieved accolades for the services and music it provided. Prince's video strengths have mostly been in performance videos such as "Musicology", "Call My Name", "Little Red Corvette", and "1999". Although videos such as "Black Sweat" were very good, his performance clips have been better.

The video was shot by Chris Robinson in color but sometimes shows behind the scenes camerawork in black & white. Prince is sporting the fro and shades in the entire video.

Later in the night, Prince asked me what I thought of Hannah in the video and I said "She is cool" and then Prince said "She is gonna make me look like a star" which got a laugh from Hannah.

Next was Andy Allo's "People Pleaser" video which was a full length video as well shot at Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis in September.

It features her entire band with horn players along with close-ups of Andy singing and some profile shots as well. The video reminded me of old George Benson videos to where the musicians are actually an integral part of the concept of the video, which is rare nowadays.

The performance clip works well for Andy on "People Pleaser" and alos features a segment where words flash on the screen and back to Andy singing them.

Both video's are not low-budget and are quite good and polished in the sense of the musicianship is captured for all to see.

Prince and Andy debuting their new video's in a Hollywood nightclub is following the trend of Lana Del Rey and other's who have been doing so before the video's are released elsewhere.

Andy was pleased with the video and thanked the crowd during her set for allowing her to show it to them before anyone else.

There is no word when the video's will be out for the world to see, but as soon as we have more info on that or obtain the video, it will be shared here.-DocFB

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Andy Allo’s “People Pleaser” Now On I-Tunes! Purchase Now!

The first single "People Pleaser" from "Superconductor" Andy Allo's new album is now available on I-Tunes!

The song features Andy along with the legendary Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty. Trombone and Maceo sound like they are having a sax jam for sure!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Check out the clip above of "People Pleaser" above and go ahead and head over to Itunes to Download it.-DocFB

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