Watch Now! Andy Allo Performs “Long Gone” On Good Day NY

Andy Allo Promo Photo

Andy Allo stopped by Good Day NY this morning for an interview and performance of her song "Long Gone" from her incredible album "Superconductor" which is available now.

Andy talked about describing her music as soul and funk. She incorporates it all in music, mind, body, and soul.

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Andy also talked about the challenge of working with Prince and her excitement of working with him that made her better.

In an awkward moment, the female "newscaster" tried to do what we think was a Prince impersonation...or maybe it was Justin Bieber or something. "Call the police" was the right response.

The performance of "Long Gone" shows what we see in Andy. A talent who had a successful 20Twelve and should have an even more successful 20Thirteen.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Get "Superconductor" here or here.


Watch Now! New PRINCE Song Video Rehearsal; Hints At New Album In 2013

We told you to follow Hannah Ford's Facebook Fan Page for some goodies and she dropped one from rehearsal with PRINCE this morning. This time, video.

We asked you last time if "The water was warm enough for Donna", with many of you not understanding it. Donna Grantis is the new guitarist for the NPG and it appears this rehearsal is also her audition. We think she got the part!

"Screwdriver" is obviously a new song and is completely rocking! We LOVE the full band sound. We just want a longer version.

Thank you Hannah and PRINCE!

What do U think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Interesting message during video.....

UPDATE:  We had a studio version preview along with lyrics. It is not coming through the way it was intended and had to be taken down. Hope U guys enjoyed it while it was up....


Watch Now: Shelby J. Performs “The Star Spangled Banner”

Shelby J. Getting Set To Perform For Charlotte Bobcats

We are so proud of our girl Shelby J.!!! Not only did she drop her latest song "North Carolina" with Anthony Hamilton yesterday, she performed the "Star Spangled Banner" before The Charlotte Bobcats played the Los Angeles Clippers last night!

We heard that Shelby's performance of the song was the best the Bobcats had all year.

Thank you Shelby for letting us share this with your fans. It is appreciated. Much Love doll.

If you haven't, make sure to pick up Shelby J.'s track "North Carolina" featuring Anthony Hamilton and produced by Prince, which is now available on ITUNES.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Go on n get it Shelby! Remix!


…& The Most Popular Video Of 2012 Is….NOT “Gangum Style!”

"Hey, I just met U....and this is crazy....U only had one hit....but it was a big 1 baby!"

"Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen, the song of the summer of 2012 also earned top video honors with almost 361 million views on youtube.

Jennifer Lopez was the only artist over 35 on the top 10 list and she charted twice!

We have a feeling that "Gangum Style" missed the cut-off because that is the most watched video clip of all time on Youtube. Go on Psy. No, seriously...go on.-DocFB

Here is the top ten list of most watched videos of 2012:

1. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe”

2. One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful”

3. Pitbull ft. Chris Brown – "International Love"

4. Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – “Dance Again”

5. Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend”

6. Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars – “Mirror”

7. One Direction – “One Thing”

8. LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”

9. Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – “On The Floor”

10. Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony – “Rain Over Me”

Diagnosis: How many will be remembered by the end of 2013?


Rihanna Takes To Twitter To Slam Chris Brown. Yes, Again

Rihanna Out n About In L.A. Photo: Famepictures.com

File this under "what the funk was she expecting?" Rihanna is upset with Chris Brown after hooking up with him and him hooking back up with his ex.

Rihanna took to twitter, kind of like your friends take to Facebook to bitch about their boyfriends, or posts about their cats. Regardless, she took to Twitter in a message directed at Brown to state:

"“Never underestimate a man’s ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes.”

Is anyone actually feeling sorry for her?

What happened to "Ain't body's business between me and my baby?" Hmm. Right.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Wonder if she sent that tweet bottomless....


Katy Perry & John Mayer: Stuck In The Slow Lane

Katy Perry & John Mayer  Photo:  INFDaily.com

Katy Perry & John Mayer were trying to make a hasty exit after eating at Sardi's in the Broadway District in New York last night. One thing stopping them other than camera's? An older gentleman.

Ahh. Not just an older gentleman but John's father Richard. He didn't seem to like the camera's too much...and who could blame him?

We haven't seen John hanging with Katy's parents yet...and the way after they slammed her ex....we don't blame him for rushing into that.

Katy Perry & John Mayer Photo: INFDaily.com

John would probably look like his father does when the camera's are on him when that happens.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This relationship has been running rather "Hot n Cold"..ahem.


Hot Chip Proclaims PRINCE Is Still King

In a new article featured in The Guardian, Hot Chip talks about why PRINCE is still King and such an influence today.

Taylor: "Prince was a pop musician – he never went off and made an unlistenable avant-garde record. But he could still do disorientating things in the studio. He might speed up one backing vocal while slowing down another, and make it all fit together with a regular-speed lead vocal, all at the same time. I also love the sparseness of his productions. Whereas most funk records are full of bass, he was happy to strip it away. Kiss is extremely minimal – I think it only has eight tracks of music in it – and yet it's still this huge pop song."

Taylor also talks about the rarities of Prince released through the years:

Taylor: "I've given a lot of money to bootleggers over the years. I used to buy tapes in Camden market and even now I'll trade with people when I come across someone who's got things I don't have. You can find a lot of stuff from his vault [Prince's vast collection of unreleased material, including albums, films and fully produced music videos] fairly easily, and that's what I've been listening to over the last five or so years – more than the original albums. There are hundreds of brilliant things there, as good if not better than the music that came out.

Some stuff from the Parade era is great, such as Others Here With Us, a bizarre and frightening song. Movie Star, which came out on the Crystal Ball compilation, is another favourite – it's a witty send-up of a successful person in the mid-80s who does loads of drugs and attends all the premieres. I also love the original version of Irresistible Bitch, from about 1982, which is a very dark disco tune with growly, raspy vocals. I'd love him to officially release all the songs from his vault, but for whatever reasons, Prince is very protective of his own catalogue.

Goddard talks about Prince being the ultimate showman

Goddard: "When it comes to playing live, Prince is just so confident in his ability. He teases the crowd with segues between popular songs, covers and extended versions, and is quite happy to play slow jams for half an hour if that's what he feels like. As a musician, I understand how hard that is to achieve. Seeing him feels like a link to the great showmen and band leaders of American music – James Brown always comes to mind."

Make sure to read the FULL article HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Guardian, we cool again?