Watch Now! New PRINCE Song Video Rehearsal; Hints At New Album In 2013

We told you to follow Hannah Ford’s Facebook Fan Page for some goodies and she dropped one from rehearsal with PRINCE this morning. This time, video.

We asked you last time if “The water was warm enough for Donna”, with many of you not understanding it. Donna Grantis is the new guitarist for the NPG and it appears this rehearsal is also her audition. We think she got the part!

“Screwdriver” is obviously a new song and is completely rocking! We LOVE the full band sound. We just want a longer version.

Thank you Hannah and PRINCE!

What do U think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Interesting message during video…..

UPDATE:  We had a studio version preview along with lyrics. It is not coming through the way it was intended and had to be taken down. Hope U guys enjoyed it while it was up….




  1. Anonymous

    It make me dance, it make me cry
    And when I touch it, racecars burn rubber in my pants <3

  2. Ing

    Interesting…sounds rockin but Prince has “pulled the plug” on so many projects over the years we will have to wait and see what actually hits the shelves….

  3. ThePurpleGal

    This song is going to be a catchy one. Prince’s music has always been satisfying and I can’t wait for more new music from him, I love Prince always.

  4. Daggifunkydancer

    I find this very well, thelate and aged musical experiment of Prince and also with new NPG cast, this holds yeeeeeees the life newly.

  5. josh

    Freaking Flip!!! Finally, I knew old boy would come with something strong. Fingers crossed this is the vibe of the whole album. Can’t wait!

  6. Bohemian

    I hear a super dupa revival of Endorphin-machine energy. Super, we need it! Whole album please Prince 🙂

  7. Lydia

    Featuring Donna Grantis (guitar), Ida Nieslen, (bass), Hannah Ford (drums), Prince (guitar, vox)

  8. Andy

    WOW! An all girls band and a new rockin song! Cannot wait!

    p.s yes…what’s up with the bootleg message?

  9. A Silver Tongue

    Wait, Prince plays guitar? :-O I thought the R&R Hall of Fame set was CGI’d :p Did I really just see the word “bootleg” associated with a Prince sanctioned clip? Maybe the Mayans are right, the end of the world is 12/21/12. jk

    Sidenote: to all the people who believe the world’s ending next week, put your money where your mouth is and sign over all your possessions to me 🙂

  10. Bexy

    I’d love to hear the full version of this, hopefully a new album in 2013 might mean more shows I cant believe its been 5 years since I saw him live.

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