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Cop the new "Screwdriver Remix", Screwdriver (Single) version, the new jam "Breakfast Can Wait", and "Rock & Roll Love Affair Remix 7"


Breakfast can wait, but U downloading these jams just can't!


Oh, did we mention each download is $0.88  and "Screwdriver" is in WAV?


Diagnosis: I just got screwd.....rivered!!!

Comments (55)
  1. yeah im listening to screwdriver remix right now… amazing heavy rock version

  2. well hang in there mrcool — I see the website is in and out — so we all have to wait and chill……but weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you are gonna like it when you hear Screw remix and Breakfast Can Wait….

  3. I wish i did, the website has nothing with “my account” in it, and the email response has nothing either

  4. mrcool you should have a my account…look for it…it should list your downloads…

  5. Paid, got a response in my email, but no links…. how did you all get the music?

  6. For all the crap he gives Warner Brothers, he did sell a ton of records with them, and their web site never crashed. 🙂

  7. Link isn’t working here.

  8. Web site is still down. This is not how to create buzz and sell music.

  9. 1st there was “Screwdriver” & it was GOOD! Then there was “Breakfast Can Wait” & it was BETTER! On the edge waiting 4 what’s NEXT… MANY, MANY THANKS TO ALL RESPONSIBLE!!! Peace!

  10. Just have 2 join u all with those good reviews. (V) the screwdriver remix and breafast can wait. I really look forward 2 some jazzy funkstuff 3rdEyeGirl has teased us with. Ah, it’s that time again…4 some good stuff and newz 🙂

  11. website not working this morning, any help?

  12. It is a steal indeed.
    Selected the songs, proceeded to check out, paid and then nothing.
    This site needs some serious reworking.

  13. The screwdrive mix is WILD! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.. Better than the original.

    Breakfast can wait.. hell yes. P ur the man xoxo

  14. The website works now. Thank you Doc. Thank you Prince, love u dude. I especially like the Screwdriver remix and Breakfast Can Wait…

  15. The remix of Screwdriver is BANGIN’!!!!!!!! This is a true Prince Remix!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  16. Works much better in Foxfire! “Breakfast Can Wait”..HOTT as a cup of Mickey D’s coffee!

  17. Pls be patient with site. All of those that paid will get tracks. Those that can’t get through will have funk soon….

  18. I removed the www. before the 3rdeyegirl.com and the page worked for me… See if that works, purple people!

  19. Wow, Thanks Prince and DocFB. I’m having some technical difficulties with the site but will keep trying. Hugs and Kisses…

  20. Something not right…with this website. Shame as I have some preferred $ ready 2 roll 4 that action

  21. WORKS 4 me! I’m loving it!

  22. link doesn’t work………..

  23. Either my connection is slooow, or I’m just not getting to the site..anyone else having trouble?!?!

  24. You mean the price is $0.88.

    Still a steal. Way to go!

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