PRINCE Releases New Song “Boyfriend” (Demo) For Download!


PRINCE has just released “Boyfriend” (Demo) for download on for 88 cents!

The song appeared on the site earlier today only to be taken down. We can only guess that it wasn’t ready yet….or that the “Boyfriend” in question was over and had to hide somewhere until he was gone.

So download it at

It is in Wav format which is higher quality but it seems people still want the wimpy mp3 instead.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Where will U be sleeping tonight?




  1. Yace

    Btw in France, when people pay money in advance 2 a farmer 2 produce his vegetables all year long, it’s called AMAP.

    U know more about us (froggies 😉 now ;))

    Please pass the word 2 the funk farmer.


  2. Yace

    Hi Doc, could u please suggest Prince to offer a double choice on his download websites.

    First option, u buy songs one by one (as it already exists).

    Second option, u buy a PACKAGE in advance (like 10 $ for 12 songs) and then u download in one click (keeping ur credit card in ur pocket ;).

    Wish him a good week-end too (same 4 u ;).


  3. Fredmagnus

    WAV format much appreciated. Please Prince give a wav format also for breakfast can wait. I’d buy it again then !!

  4. LexAve456

    I got to ask, for those who have iTunes, how do I this song into my iTunes library? It’s not accepting this wav file. I’m not computer savvy like that to know what to do lol. Thank y’all!

  5. fbt

    We love WAV format !!! We don’t want anything else ! Higher quality sound for more pleasure….

  6. LexAve456

    I’m feeling this song. It’s a demo but so far it’s pretty damn good just needs to be longer.

    Now for the way these songs are coming out, it’s time for a CD of these songs man. I’ll give Prince money and whatever but I need and want a CD. I want this on iTunes too. The world needs to know about all this great stuff coming from Prince, I want Prince to be accessible to EVERYONE not just the faithful few. I don’t want to see Prince to limit himself and I feel like that’s happening with this 3rdEyeGirl stuff but this is just my opinion.

  7. Aprilflower

    My man sharing more music — love U boyfriend — call me sometime — hugs and kisses and all the LOVE!!! Thanks Doc 4 info!!!

  8. Ing

    Yeah, more music! Who really cares what format as long as you can convert it to whatever you need? Of course, a higher bitrate will always be preferable to a lower one! The irritation comes when it is only playable on windows media or it has DRM!

  9. Oh, yesssss I’m a happy girl tonight 🙂 and WAV! 🙂

    I love that my man is in this kind of awesome playful mood….lock him in the studio and keep that upload pipeline open 🙂

  10. Kcool's Chocolate Box777

    Prince iz really playin funky bass on here……The hornz is funky & Princely vocal layering iz the icing on the cake…Its a complete “MasterPiece”…Can’t wait 4 the Xtended version…By the way Prince where iz the xtended version of “Act Of God”???..I’ll wait 🙂

  11. grunter

    Could we please, please, please have some of these new Prince songs on PHYSICAL MEDIA???!!!??? Dammit.

  12. Minou-baby

    “People still want mp3” ?! I can’t believe it !
    Wav is CD-quality, and if people really want to lower the quality they can easily convert the file in mp3…
    I’m really happy we can get something in .wav, so thank U Prince and please continue :-))

  13. teiemka

    First of all thanks to the boss for making this download available in lossless format.

    The song me likes, bass is slammin’.

    Doc has tweeted that a longer version will be coming, even if that never materialises this 3 minute “Demo” will do me just fine.

  14. Yace

    @Doc, for the file format, it’s super simple : CHOICE.
    They just 2 release each song in mp3 AND wav, and then each can pick up the desired format. it takes 2 mn to convert a song in any format from the source…

    Thanks 4 ur everlasting support Doc :).

  15. Alex

    Seriously people!!! WAV is the only way to go here and we should be happy for it as opposed to the MP3 format. Even at a bitrate of 320Kb/s it’s still lacking, if you have a GOOD sound system and or your ears aren’t shot!!! The WAV format is used on a regular audio CDs too. Only way you could get a better quality, maybe, would be to use a DVD or Blu-Ray Audio format and from my experiments with that (DVD audio at least)… it’s a HUGE file (about 10 times the size of a WAV file) and then you’d have to convert it down anyway depending on how you want to play it! Peace!

  16. TheBeast

    It’s quite easy to have a mp3 with a wav but the other way makes no sense.
    So wav is a good compromise for quality and conversion possibility.

  17. Anonymous

    No WAV is MUCH BETTER. Or at a MInimum 320 MP3 ( not like the old club at 128 or 256) Goodness……..

    Musgrave – Chicago

  18. Paradise

    Thank you Dr. FB & Prince for bringing it back. Now on to purchase, download & groove.

  19. Anonymous

    No WAV is better and I hope all the future downloads would be in this sound quality !
    The song is nice with good bass slap and good horns !

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