PRINCE Releases New Song “Boyfriend” (Demo) For Download!

PRINCE has just released “Boyfriend” (Demo) for download on for 88 cents! The song appeared on the site earlier today only to be taken down. We can only guess that it wasn’t ready yet….or that the “Boyfriend” in question was over and had to hide somewhere until he was gone. So download it at […]

Adam Lambert Talks About Pharrell, Being Gay & His Boyfriend On Chelsea Lately

Adam Lambert talked about his new CD “Trespassing” and hair when he was on “Chelsea Lately” with Chelsea Handler where they talked about him being gay. Surprise, surprise. The interview took place before President Obama announced he supports gay marriage which may have been why it took “Lately” so long to post the clip. He […]

Adam Lambert Arrested After “Fight” With Boyfriend

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen. Photo:

Pop star Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland after a skirmish with his boyfriend Sauli¬†Koskinen. Contrary to other reports, the fight was small and there was no violence on Lambert’s part. After seeing the Daily Mail quote a blogger who shall remain nameless about what happened who wasn’t there, we decided to take to Twitter […]

New Britney Spears Video “Criminal” Watch Now!

Britney Spears has released “Criminal” her latest video and it stars her boyfriend Jason Trawick. Jason protects her from a slimy boyfriend, although Jason isn’t exactly a better choice, as he is a criminal that lays her down just right. Britney looks like she did about 7 years ago, which means she looks good, and […]