Billboard Editor Slams Lady Gaga For Questionable Promotion Of “Applause”

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Billboard editor Bill Werde is taking aim at Lady Gaga for what he feels is unfair and questionable promotion for her latest single “Applause” with a contest and a link that allowed you to watch her new video 150 times in a row.

Billboard is taking exception to the tweet she has since deleted where it allowed you to watch the “Applause” video 150 times in a row on YouTube. YouTube views now count towards chart positions so Billboard is upset that she was trying to manipulate the charts. Gaga and other Interscope acts had views taken away from them late last year as Billboard was about to implement the views into chart positions.

Lady Gaga Artpop Promo

Also, Gaga was and still is asking for her fans to buy multiple digital copies of “Applause” along with screen shots of radio requests, selfies/video and the fan who did it the most would be flown out to see her perform at the iTunes Festival in London.

Bill Werde took to Twitter to explain his frustration with Gaga.

To see Bill’s tweets and our diagnosis, click here!




Whew. I miss commentaries on situations like this instead of 140 word tweets. If only Werde had a web site to point people to about this instead of his Twitter account. Oh wait….

All joking aside, Gaga says she has made a mistake and Werde believes her. It is too bad her fans felt Werde was attacking her. He was not. He was trying to speak up for the integrity of the Billboard Charts and I commend him.-DocFB

Diagnosis: There has been some really unneeded comments about Gaga lately but this needed to be addressed. Hopefully, all eyes and ears will be on her for her MTV Video Music Awards performance this Sunday.




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  7. RedRoseQueen1

    Eric, Once more, you prove there is no accounting for good taste (or tone deafness, lol) I could go into the MYRIAD of reasons why you’re so wrong but..they’d fall on “deaf ears” obviously. And don’t cry for poor Mr. Lambert. I’ll be thinking of you (but not much, lol) while I watch him live at the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas when he takes the stage once more as the lead singer for QUEEN and then again this fall when he sings several numbers as a new character on Glee, Season 5. He has only begun. Have a nice day. 🙂

  8. Eric

    RedRose – there’s a difference between Glambert and Gaga–I actually want to listen to Gaga because she’s a good singer. Glambert had his moment.

  9. Eric

    OMG, Billboard seriously needs to shut up with the self-righteousness and holier than thou crap. If American Idol viewers can vote for someone 50 times a show, then Gaga should be able to jump on that bandwagon, at least for as long as it’s allowed. Really, Billboard, it’s not like you’ve been all that relevant in the last few years to begin with. Really, Billboard, do like Morris Day suggested of his posterior in Grafitti Bridge – “take a week off and kiss it all.”

  10. Modernaire

    Prince gamed the system a bit during the Musicology tour – inserting the CD included in the ticket price towards total album sales.

    Since then, he’s done other little similar tricks like selling 2 OTAN to newspapers and NOT the public directly, in a sort of piggy back ride on newspaper sales. Kind of as if selling “name” to sell the newspapers.

    What else? hmmm, I know there’s more! I just forget. Fams, what do you, oop, excuse me – U – think?

  11. Michael

    It’s not as bad as the types of Payola that have always existed. If people do not want to see/hear Gaga, they won’t bother. I remember when Prince was getting a lot of attention(say 1982-1991). He was selling more recordings than almost anyone, selling-out his shows and various merchandise, but since he wouldn’t acquiesce(payola, of sorts) to industry demands, he recieved less radio airplay than others and did not ‘chart’ as welll as he should have. If any artist can find new ways to ‘chart’ and sell a lot of merchandise, Great, do it. And music fans should constantly scan their radio dials(especially College Radio), never settling for what the ‘insiders’ want us to consume.

  12. douglas

    hey didn’t Prince try do boost sales of Musicology by giving one cd away for “free” with purchase of concert tickets? sounds similar to me and besides, the video is pretty interesting she knows how to keep her fans entertained

  13. RedRoseQueen1

    I’m not here to bash Gaga Dr. F but in truth, I DO get extremely ANNOYED when a true vocal talent and world-class performer (as well as all-around good guy!) like Adam Lambert gets totally IGNORED by radio PDs and they play the stuffing out of anything Gaga, Mars, Katy, etc put matter how immature and bucolic. On top of that, HE never games or tries to manipulate the system, not even for himself! Point in FACT, he OFTEN Tweets his own fans about other artists music and videos. At the risk of sounding childish myself, just ain’t FAIR!

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