Watch Now! PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Perform “Chaos & Disorder” Live In London & Review!

PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL Shepherd's Bush Empire

One of the surprise highlights for many at the PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL show in London on Sunday at Shepherd’s Bush Empire was the performance of “Chaos & Disorder”.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the footage and the sound! PRINCE, DONNA GRANTIS, HANNAH WELTON, and IDA BASS  are simply awesome!!!!

3RDEYEGIRL! We thought U knew that’s how they do!

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Thanks to André Rigedahl for the review!

Prince and 3rdEyeGirl Ruled the Empire 2nite

Four days after some presumed rest after the Electric Ballroom shows and the BIG BANG 2nd show the girls went to BBC 6 Music to to announce that tonight there would be no more resting and that the luckies venue in town was going to be Shepherds Bush Empire.

Therefor it was only one thing to do, dress warm and head towards West London as soon as possible.

Once there the queue was already around the 300 mark but given that the venue had a capacity of about 2000 and hoping there would be no Electric Ballroom queue debacle things looked great.

I was fortunate to be standing next to some really nice people and we talked about music, and different artists, shows and musical experiences as you tend to do when queuing for a Prince show. People going to these shows really love their music so it is extremely easy to bond. Also, we were lucky to get free champagne and hot chocolate to keep us warm.

We were initially informed by one of the security guys that it was going to cost £70 to get in.
Less than an hour before we got in we were told that the new price was going to be £10 and that put a smile on everyones face.

Once inside there were some 3rdeyegirl merchandise available. Mainly t-shirts.

The floor and balconies filled up quite quickly and there were a lot of guests.

When you see the Funk legend George Clinton in the building you know it is going to be a great night. There were quite a few other famous people and people from the music and media industry there as well.

Now the hard part the show…
How can you describe something as indescribable as a Prince concert. You simply can not.
I will however to account for some of the highlights.

The show opened with the 3Egirls entering the stage and Hanna giving the introductory speech about no cameras etc. which people seemed t respect for the most part.

They then started to play the latest single PrestzelBodyLogic over the PA system which got the audience going wild.

What then happened was an intensive rock ’n’ roll guitar heavy set including classics like Let’s Go Crazy ,She’s Always in my hair, I could never take the place fo your man as well as the newer songs like FunknRoll, Plectrum Electrum and Fix Ur life up.

They even played s completely new song which I guess is from the new album but that I never had heard before.

They then slowed down the tempo and started playing one of my absolute favourites Colonized mind followed up by a talk about the world today leading into an extended and full power version of Chaos and Disorder.

This set started of with the classic “How come u don’t call me anymore” which was just beautiful.
Then he followed up by “The Beautiful one” which was yet 2 more highlights of the show, followed by “Diamonds and Pearls”, “Purple Rain” and the biggest surprise “Do me Baby” and “Adore”
This set was just unbelievable and beautiful and many songs were broken down and had a lot of call and response.

Starting of with “Forever in My Life” and doing longer than usual versions of When Doves Cry, Sign I the Times, HOUSEQUAKE and a long “I would die 4 U”
he also did a short 777-9311 and shorter segments of The most beautiful girl in the world, MR GOODNIGHT.

He then said they were going to play “one for me and one for you” starting of with “Play that Funky music” which got everyone dancing.

This was followed by an AMAZING and long version of Something in the Water (does not compute) and Cause and Effect with a long Compassion chant.


They then started to kick in a higher gear and started playing Endorphine machine, and another favourite DREAMER. (Dreamer AND Colonized Minds in the same concert!!)

ScrewDriver and a long extended version of I Like it there with the audience really participating in the extended chants.

The last song was “BAMBI” and with both Prince and Donna on guitar it sounds even more powerful

After BAMBI the band left the stage and they played PretzelBodyLogic over the PA

The it was over…

Somewhere in the middle Prince asked the audience how much they paid. People signed back £10 and he just said that was what I used to pay back in the days. and the Empire was applauding and stamping their feet. This gesture of adjusting the price to £10 was immensely popular.

It is so great to see how incredible talented this band really is and how much energy and fun they have on stage together.

This was not just only one of the best shows I have ever seen. It was as often is the case with these shows an emotional journey and a total experience.

Prince and ThirdEyeGirl was not just hitting it out of the park 2nite. They took it to a new dimension.

London really loves Prince and 3RDEYEGirl and I hope they stay for a very long time.


Diagnosis: That clip is everything!



  • SugarL
    Posted at 16:44h, 13 February

    ME LIKEY ;)~<3

  • Immanuel6
    Posted at 13:31h, 13 February

    Prince is rockin the UK!!!  He needs to bring this tour from the ‘pond’ to the US!!!

  • Star2009777
    Posted at 09:31h, 13 February

    amazing performance thanks for sharing

  • MoonPool
    Posted at 23:17h, 12 February

    Eternal flux…

  • J Wayne
    Posted at 22:07h, 12 February

    At first i thought this vid was a goodbye to london gesture, considering all the thanks to us etc….but then that review quote at the end of the video seems to leave us all in a cliff hanger….almost like he’s about to announce another….

  • ClaudiaBedwell
    Posted at 22:03h, 12 February

    Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL rock Chaos & Disorder big time! Love it!

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