Prince Microphone Photo: Warner Bros./NPG Records

PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL along with Lianne La Havas and Liv Warfield brought it to Saturday Night Live performing “Clouds” from ARTOFFICIALAGE and “PLECTRUMELECTRUM”, “MARZ”, and “ANOTHERLOVE” all from 3RDEYEGIRL‘s debut album PLECTRUMELECTRUM!

Watch the full performance HERE!!!

If outside, U.S., watch here!!!

As soon as SNL provides the embed links U will be able to watch it here.

Bad, bad, bad performance! Hotness!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thoughts?



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  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 14:08h, 18 November

    To be honest, until the final song, “Another Love” came on, I wasn’t that impressed. Opening up with “Clouds” was uninspired and I hope it’s not the single as it won’t impress enough to make an impact. No disrespect to Lianne La Havas but she was a distraction and annoyance because I tuned in to see PRINCE as did most of the world. When Lianne came on, it was a real head scratching moment for most as she wasn’t announced and most people don’t know who she is. I know Prince loves to give others an opportunity to shine, but SNL was NOT the place to do it. He should’ve focused purely on what the world was tuning in for…PRINCE. 

    The transition into the instrumental “Plectrumelectrum” was jarring and not in a good way. To me, the song is too slow and mediocre in comparison with vintage rock instrumentals of its kind. Then we have “Marz” another song I wasn’t feeling. I understand where Prince was meaning to go with the song, but the music and singing didn’t impress me. I’ve heard him do this style before and way better, like on “Sister” or other early album cuts of his. And, for some reason, the lyrical passage in “Marz” where Prince sings about Mickey D’s and how’s he’s tired of seeing a BLACK kid not having anything to eat always bothers me. I mean, why does the kid have to be BLACK? There’s plenty of children and teens of ALL RACES that go hungry every single day? It just shoulda been POOR kid instead of BLACK kid. 

    I thought Prince had amazing sense in ending the four song medley with ANOTHER LOVE, the BEST song on “PlectrumElectrum” and frankly, the ONLY song off that album I’d listen to over and over and over. Strange it’s a cover that makes me feel that way, but Prince reinvents the song and makes it his own, with an immediacy, power and climax that EVERY SINGLE SONG ON THE ALBUM SHOULD’VE BEEN LIKE.

    To me, Prince should’ve done an entirely different medley on SNL. For starters, he should’ve opened the medley with the opening track “Art Official Cage” from ART OFFICIAL AGE. That song BEGS to be played live and would’ve given keyboardist Joshua Welton a better workout on stage. I would’ve thrown out the songs, “Clouds”, “Marz” AND “Plectrumelectrum”. All were a yawn fest to me and didn’t showcase Prince and band as electrifying as he and many Prince sycophants think.

    My preferred set list would’ve been:

    3/ LET’S GO CRAZY (ReLoaded…KINDA)

    The reason I would’ve put in the song, “LET’S GO CRAZY” is because it’s the 30th Anniversary of “PURPLE RAIN” and a mention in the medley would’ve been a bad ass way for him to remind the viewers of that. The Reloaded version of the song with MORE ELEMENTS OF THE ORIGINAL thrown in would’ve been good. So, NOT as slow as the RELOADED version but building up to ANOTHER LOVE closer. OR Prince could’ve CLOSED with “Let’s Go Crazy” AFTER “Another Love”. 

    As for the staging and look, there were elements I liked. What I did NOT like were his afro (which wasn’t tight enough and looked disheveled), his 3rd eye sunglasses (another head scratcher for most viewers…NOT GOOD OR NEEDED as the 3rd Eye logo is represented on Hannah’s drum heads) and the HUGE Prince symbol on his mic stand with a smaller one above. WTF? Why two? WHY two? Why TWO? Stupid. Leave the small one. Take that damn HUGE ASS one and throw it in the trash. It’s obnoxious and gets in the way of seeing Prince shred and play guitar. We know you WERE the symbol Prince, you ain’t gotta bash it over our heads with an large, ugly one. AND, Prince hasn’t been the Symbol since he changed his name BACK to Prince. Don’t understand that outdated piece of symbol-ness. Lame.

    Overall, with the song choices Prince DID make, the addition of Lianne, his less than wondrous look and the annoying inclusion of Hannah and Donna’s husbands/men (I wanna see musicians up there with YEARS of experience and not because they’re spouses and okay at their instruments), I give the ENTIRE performance a 4 out of 10.

  • Chocolatsis65
    Posted at 19:53h, 02 November

    Perfect combination of styles and u know I love me my girl crush Lianne <3 Prince you looked SuperSexy as I’ve said and I hope you r doing well my brother.
    ALL things are possible with Jah!

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 11:45h, 02 November

    Immanuel6 (Tammy) Chris Rock was good – not great – because it is not possible to be great in the horrible Saturday Night Live format. Other networks should seriously challenge for the Saturday late-night audience.

  • Immanuel6 (Tammy)
    Posted at 10:47h, 02 November

    I just watched SNL. No shade against Chris Rock, but he was off his game. He just wasn’t funny. If it wasn’t for Prince, I wouldn’t have watched the show. And to be honest, I just watched Prince’s performance. SNL just isn’t funny anymore…Kudos to Prince. He made the show.

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 07:06h, 02 November

    Saturday Night Live should thank Chris Rock and Prince for making it watchable. Saturday Night Live is a horrible bore. I wish other networks would air shows to compete and crush Saturday Night L

  • purplerock20ten
    Posted at 04:38h, 02 November

    Baddest band on the planet!!! For me, Prince with 3rdEyeGirl is the best he has ever done!!! Above anything, I love him playing screaming guitar, so this is my favorite band and style – for me, he can’t do any better than this!! Love love love my Rock Prince with the three ladies!!! Brilliant performance!!!! 😀

  • Academyofrock
    Posted at 03:50h, 02 November

    Simply brilliant

  • Connie Castillo Baete
    Posted at 02:38h, 02 November

    #ANOTHERLOVE!  That’s all there is to say!

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