Dave Grohl Talks About PRINCE Being The Greatest Musician Of All Time

Dave Grohl  Of The Foo Fighters File Photo

The Foo Fighters appeared on The Howard Stern Show to promote “Sonic Highways” and the conversation switched to PRINCE covering “The Best Of You” during his Super Bowl Appearance and then for about 5 minutes.

Dave Grohl talked about just how amazing Prince is.

The Prince talk begins about 15:40 in.

Grohl talks about rehearsing “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin and Dave thinks that Prince blew him off to perform it live. That is NOT true.

Dave, if you are reading this, he did not call you out the following week but he did look for you at other shows and thought you were there and was trying to call up the person he thought was you but his security guard let him know it was not you. True story. In fact, the security guard is now your guard and can confirm this if you ask him.

Also, someone has the footage of the rehearsal of “Whole Lotta Love” but it is misplaced right now.

Dave talked about Prince’s recent W Hotel walk on performance that went viral this week. Howard had to talk about the last time he saw Prince and a majority of the show being performed in the dark. Howard needs to bring this up every time he talks about Prince.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Props to Dave and Howard, here is hoping Beth takes you to another Prince show where the lights are on buddy.

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  • 2indicative
    Posted at 03:30h, 13 January


  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 18:35h, 06 December

    Hey. BigTallWall and Funkenberry…I AM A HUGE PRINCE FAN and have been since 1980. Like Howard Stern, while we both are Prince fans, that does NOT mean we should’nt be allowed to speak our mind when one of Prince’s “actions” rub us the wrong way. I don’t thank as a fan you need to absolutely love every single thing the person you’re a fan of does.

    Howard has every right to bring up the fact Prince demanded the lights be turned off at a private show he was invited to. And, if he wants to bring it up every time an indepth discussion of Prince goes down, cool. Prince has a habit of making what some would see as self-centered, ego driven choices that don’t always come off respectful, appreciative of others or compassionate in ways someone of his stature SHOULD behave. 

    Fact is, Funkenberry, I think instead of Prince looking out into the audience trying to find Dave Grohl to bring him up, he should’ve picked up the phone PRIOR TO THE CONCERT and set it in stone what show he wanted Grohl to play at with him. To guess-timate about whether Dave Grohl would show up and when seems reckless and not something anybody who respects someone else’s time and schedule would and should do. Prince could’ve solved the whole damn thing if after their jam of “Whole Lotta Love”, he’d COMMUNICATED PROPERLY AND RESPECTFULLy with Dave saying, “Let’s do this. TONIGHT. I’ll call you up mid-way through the show. Come to VIP tonight to get in. We’ll rock the roof off the Forum.” Something like that. Would THAT have been so difficult?

    Doc, you left out the part in the end of the interview where Robin Quivers calls Prince odd and that he basically behaves rudely because he’s gotten away with that behavior so long that it’s become a part of who he is. That doesn’t make his behavior and choices right…AT ALL and I’m kinda tired of your typical Prince fan giving him a pass whenever he makes odd or rude choices that negatively impact and/or impress others. It’s that kind of attitude that has enabled Prince throughout the years.

    And, FYI, I just got my SIX DISC (5CD/1DVD) 30th anniversary release of “Songs From the Big Chair” by Tears For Fears. SIX DISCS!!! Complete with the FULL cooperation of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, complete with a full booklet with NEW liner notes on the entire experience from Roland and Curt along with pictures, credits, etc. All housed in a beautiful box. The fact Tears for Fears can do that, yet PRINCE can’t makes me sad. There’s really no excuse for Prince not to go back and FULLY EMBRACE that album and along with The Revolution: Bobby, Brownmark, Lisa, Wendy and Fink ALL collaborate on a multi-disc 30th Anniversary of Purple Rain along with lyrics, NEW track by track liner notes from EVERYONE in Prince and The Revolution, pictures, ALL THE UNRELEASED VERSIONS, B-SIDES, REMIXES, etc,. Tears For Fears’ DVD includes a Documentary film from the time, a NEW interview with the producer and ALL the promo videos and MANY TV appearances. Prince could do the same thing and make it better by including the performance at The Grammy’s, etc,. It could be a groundbreaking collection but again probably won’t happen, because just like Prince will NOT let The Revolution reunite and tour INCLUDING BENEFITS TO RAISE MONEY FOR CAUSES, Prince likes to keep repeating his tired mantra, “I don’t like to go or look back. I’m too busy moving forward.” Whatever, Prince. Just more examples of you behaving badly with your choices and getting away with it. If that’s what being a Jehovah’s Witness has instilled in him, I wished he’d never converted to that faith. He was a better, more full artist before and all his worldwide base of fans were happier then.

  • OstranderJulie
    Posted at 09:34h, 04 December

    Oh Howard a private event for all those who have been around and seen all the fame .???Yes I suppose I would prefer of course to see this intense/talent perform as well…But walk out NO I”d still appreciate the jam? To each their own.  This wasn’t for a blind private event by chance? just what if??? Prince always has had a way with making a point? Who knows..what if we couldn’t see what would we do?just an idea, I’m going on a silly ride with this, but Prince is all about the ride(dont forget he once was called “Rude Boy” back in the day & His Royal BADNESS??..altho contrary to popular belief He is more about LOVE & FUNK…and u get PRINCE/ROYALTY as they say he does what he wants cause he can…:)(xoxo just another  hard core fan…lol…btw Dig u 2 Howard cause we know ur always polite..xoxo…:)

  • BigTallWall
    Posted at 20:11h, 03 December

    I’m surprised Howard didn’t bring up how he had Gary (Ba Ba Booey) contact Prince to do Howard’s birthday show. Prince declined saying his JW religion prevents him from celebrating birthdays. Then Howard and his mami Robin ripped Prince on air. It’s funny how much Howard says he’s a fan yet can’t stand Prince’s actions. Ha!

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