1st Things 1st! PRINCE Releases New Song “STARE” Exclusively On Spotify! Listen Now!


Earlier this month, PRINCE had all his music pulled from Spotify leaving TIDAL as the only streaming service carrying his music. This morning, Spotify released the new song “STARE” exclusively on Spotify.


As of right now, “STARE” is the only song by the music icon Spotify has. The streaming service is hoping that changes soon but for now they are happy to debut Prince’s latest serving of funk.

“STARE” starts off with a funky base line and a sultry “Oh baby” then talking about liking you to stare talking about used to going on stage in underwear, an ode to the classic “Dirty Mind” album. He even throws in a sample of his #1 song “Kiss” as well. Can you say “Sexy Dancer” as well?

“STARE” was promoted earlier this year as being from an upcoming project entitled “FREEYOURSELF” which Prince teased from his official Twitter account. No word if this project is still in the mix or it will appear on “HITNRUN” which his band 3RDEYEGIRL told BBC Radio last week is a new album that Prince has finished and has ready to go. It is pure SPECULATION by us but it is perfectly feasible for most talented man in music to release two new albums which he did last year with “Art Official Age” and “PLECTRUMELECTRUM”.-DocFB

Diagnosis: During that interview with BBC Radio, 3RDEYEGIRL said they were looking for ways to release the “HITNRUN” project. Perhaps Spotify might be one of their ways of distribution and are testing the waters. Interesting times to be a music fan right now, especially of the FUNK variety. Keep on Staring!



  • MackFoo
    Posted at 17:11h, 06 August

    To me, this may be his most perfect song in awhile. Straight ahead funk, doesn’t take itself too seriously, just having a good time. A throwback to old Prince, but better lyrically. I.Like.This.Song!

  • camilla
    Posted at 07:31h, 06 August


    I can’t find STARE on Tidal.
    Anybody knows why ?

    Best wishes

  • u
    Posted at 22:46h, 30 July

    Honestly “Da Bourgeoisie” was 100% funkier than this…

    Any agree..Partyup!!!

  • u
    Posted at 22:40h, 30 July

    he evolved in the past & it was funky..

    so what’s the next excuse?

    from 79 – 99, he evolved often, & each time, HE ROCKED!!!

    so um, yea…


  • David
    Posted at 22:18h, 30 July

    The song is funky!the brother is only human!give prince some credit y’all!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 20:29h, 30 July

    It’s funny how people think that Prince needs to do all those things that happened in the 80’s bring back something that’s gone.Don’t they realize that they are the one’s that are stuck in the pass.

  • eeds to do all those things that happened in the 80's bring back something that's gone.Don't they realize t
    Posted at 20:28h, 30 July

    It’s funny how people think that Prince needs to do all those things that happened in the 80’s bring back something that’s gone.Don’t they realize that they are the one’s that are stuck in the pass.

  • Dee
    Posted at 16:41h, 30 July

    yea, U, 20TEN was nice.

    Would have made for nice cartoon music videos, or/and cartoon movie to model the album, especially with the creativity of Prince…

    so much 4 that idea…

  • u
    Posted at 16:37h, 30 July

    Guess I will play “20TEN”, that was the last funkiest album(that was completely funky)..
    Too bad there was no promotion, cartoon video or cartoon movie to go with the album.
    Even if Prince decided to do that today, it would still knock em out da box..


  • Dee
    Posted at 16:29h, 30 July

    Can’t lie 1817, you have a strong point…

    After hearing it, I began remembering how the drum beat that went to
    “Little Red Corvette”, & it was like where is that Prince at..

    I thought wine got better with age…

    I aint saying he gotta write dirty lyrics anymore, but where’s the funk & mystique at?

    Hate to say it, but kinda wish Prince was a lil broke, cuz when he didn’t have much, he got down, I mean homeboy wasn’t playing, he was jammin his butt off.

    Prince was straight gangsta, before gangsta was gangsta..

    Him, Rick James, George Clinton, etc.

    I miss that strong Punk-Funk, no horns, just synth, drums, vocals, bass, & guitars..

    Don’t get me wrong, he has a couple of great ones still, like “Time”, &
    “What It Feels Like” off of AOA, “Train” & “Anotha Love” off PE..

    But I do miss wearing out full albums like “1999”, “Controversy”, “Parade”,
    “Sign ‘O’ The Times”.

    Where is the experiemental jams like “If I Was Your Girlfriend”, “Pop Life”, “Automatic”, “When Doves Cry”, etc.?

    Is those type jams dead for good?

    I guess so..

    Everybody “Partyup”..

    I guess not…

    Bring back Alan Leeds, Eric Leeds, The Revolution, The Time, leave 3RDEYEGIRL installed, because they are a great girl group, & call it a day bro..

    Bring people in who will challenge u, like in a game of basketball…hint hint..

    Play ball!!

    And go ahead and slam-dunk!!

    don’t be stubborn Prince, listen bro, cuz I know u reading this..

    none of us are always right, & none of us are always wrong…..

    we still love u tho kidd, that’s why we telling u THE TRUTH……

  • Immanuel6 (Tammy)
    Posted at 14:35h, 30 July

    I love “Stare” so much that I have to keep listening to this jam over and over again! This one is too hot!

  • 1817
    Posted at 14:32h, 30 July

    when i hear of new prince on the way, my first reaction is like it was in the 80’s and 90’s…..excited!! thrilled!!!! eager!!!!! just knowing the album title got me going!!! i remember the moment i got my copy of sign o the times…….it was a real treat and experience. i am sorry folks but this song sucks……ok, it has its moments, but am sure tidal right now is rolling their eyes and saying what the funk is this.

    maybe just maybe the cd may have something worthwhile.

  • Kelly, Jazmine Rudegirl Belle, Rgsince81*:)!
    Posted at 13:03h, 30 July

    Thank you Prince*:)!

  • Dee
    Posted at 12:13h, 30 July

    Prince never runs outta fresh ideas…

    Black don’t crack, beige don’t age..

    Brotha don’t look a day over his 20’s..

    Be nice if he did a real good music video..

    A movie would cause my Fro2Gro…

  • Claudia
    Posted at 11:46h, 30 July

    2nd things 1st come every while in a great once. I like the new tune STARE. Thanks for posting, Doc!!

  • Sugar L
    Posted at 08:50h, 30 July

    My Friend Used 2 Date An Xotic Dancer. She Saw Me Bust A Move 1 Nite & Swore I’d Make A LOT Of Money Dancing. I Didn’t Pursue It But, I Just Danced 2 This Song & Hate 2 Say It But, Those Moves Just Came BACK~<3

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