As Promised, Live Music Returns To Paisley Park (After Dark)

This past Saturday, on the eve of PRINCE’s “Purple Rain” celebrating 34 years since it’s release, live music returned to Paisley Park for the first time since early 2016.

Sure, there has been 2 celebrations at Paisley Park featuring live musicans and even a release party for Justin Timberlake’s last album, but for the first time in 2 years, Paisley Park After Dark in the small former NPG Music Club room (& the old Love 4 One Another room for you 90’s purpleheadz) featured live music.

2 weeks prior, Prince’s brother Omarr Baker made an annoucement at Paisley Park After Dark that he wanted live music to return to Paisley Park & wanted to know if the fans wanted it to. They were in agreement, also hoping Omarr had 2 or 5 unreleased projects in his suit pocket to pass out. (He didn’t.) What he did do is exactly what he said he was going to do this past Saturday. Live music at Paisley Park After Dark.

Who took the stage unexpectdly was an inclination of the NPG featuring KAJ, Chance Howard, Kip Blackshire, Sonny Thompson, Jesse Larson, Ryan Barnum, & Tony Mosley.

Tia W. Stasko was there and had a great time. “…we saw something those of us who never witnessed music in this beautiful room quite the same before. This night there was instruments on the stage along with the DJ. NPG in the NPG Music Club Room LIVE! We went crazy with excitement, joy, and oh so much love!!!That Room was full of extreme LOVE and it wasn’t a full house as I’ve been in it before but it felt like it was about to burst. It was so incredible watching, seeing and feeling the vibe of the room, the music, the people, the love and the funk. The only thing that could’ve made it any better would’ve been for Prince himself to pop up on stage but it really felt as though he was on the stairs smiling and watching us enjoy his home as I’m sure he did countless times before. It also would have been wonderful to have more of the NPG members there but hey that’s getting a bit greedy. The night was perfect and unbelievably beautiful in every aspect.”

Mignon, who hadn’t been to Paisley Park in 16 years, shared Tia’s thoughts. “Saturday was my first time at Paisley Park for the tour and it was very emotional for me. As a surprise I got After Dark tix for me, my husband and my 16 year old son who is a musician and well versed Prince nerd in his own right! I had no idea just how special the night would be. I hadn’t wanted to see NPG or The Revolution. I thought it would be too sad and all I would feel was what was missing without Prince’s presence and unmatched talent. Saturday’s performance changed my mind. The band was tight, and no one was trying to *be* Prince. They were playing the songs with passion and joy and skill and it felt right. It felt like the right way to end a day reflecting on his contribution to music. Right for that space, right for honoring Prince, and right for the fans.”

“”My faves of the Night were America, Aontherloverholenyohead, and Sign O’ the Times. It was extra special to see my son be enraptured and inspired by seeing Sonny T and Kurt and Chance Howard (who was kind enough to talk with I’m after the show). Not just because he’s my son but because it feels like that would be important to Prince. To have his music, played respectfully and incredibly by real musicians inspire the next generation.

Heidi added “We didn’t hear anything about it before. When we came into the NPG room we saw there were instruments on the stage. The dj was doing it’s thing and said we were up for something but even he didn’t know what it was. So we saw some famous people walking around like Kirk, Kip, Sonny T and the others and we were gettin all excited. Then they came on stage and said they were here to play and didn’t know what was gonna happen. So they started playin and everybody went wild. It was so exciting to have live music overthere and they haven’t played there for 2 years. The place was packed sold out. We danced all night and enjoyed every minute of it.”

Songs played were “Anotherloverholenyohead”, “The Bird”, Tony M. rap, “America”, “Alphabet St.”, “Erotic City”, & “Sign O’ The Times” to name a few.

Paisley Park After Dark came with a tour for $60.00. There is no word yet if that price will be lowered to just include Paisley Park After Dark or a discount for Minnesota Residents.

So in the past year, Sharon Nelson used Paisley Park for recording and Omarr Baker has tried some ideas to keep Paisley Park alive as a place to record music and feature live music, instead of just being a museum. It was nice to hear about young kids being there and enjoying the experience. We need to keep Paisley Park & Prince’s legacy alive and Omarr and the family understands that. It is taking time for things to come to fruition but there is an effort being made & we champion that.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Rock & Roll Is Alive….& It Lives In Minneapolis!



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