PRINCE Brings His Hit And Run Tour To Detroit!

Prince Detroit Fox Theatre Image By LV

We told you exclusively earlier this week that PRINCE was going to restart his Hit And Run tour in April and the first date has been announced; Detroit April 9th!

Tickets will go on sale Monday via LiveNation.com and Ticketmaster.com. The show will be at the Fox Theater. Ticket link HERE.

There is a show at Paisley Park tonight for Judith Hill, which is being billed as a dress rehearsal, so for some dates on the Hit and Run tour, Judith Hill will be performing with her band.

Prince's band, 3RDEYEGIRL, has received rave reviews for their Hit and Run shows over in the UK last Spring and the response to the kick-off shows in Kentucky were glowing as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Motor Boogie, U ready 4 the FUNKNROLL?!?!?!?!?!

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Why Judith Hill Is The Real Deal & PRINCE Is Fighting For Her!

Judith Hill Promo Photo 2013

In case you missed it last week, Judith Hill's debut album was released via Free Download last week by PRINCE and Live Nation. What followed was rehearsals and lawsuits for the former "The Voice" contestant.

Now, Judith Hill is more than just someone who appeared on the hit singing show, working with the late Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and now the musical legend Prince. To me, "The Voice" still has not had a break-out singer who has won the show. Jennifer Hudson didn't win American Idol either, but there is no denying Hudson's  talent. The same can be said for Hill.

Her debut CD "Back In Time" is straight fire. Kicking off with "As Trains Go By" it jumps into "Turn Up" and the tracks flow beautifully, showing Hill's vocal ability and range, which is, quite simply, amazing.

Prince held a listening session at his Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis in late March, inviting press, and fans to listen to Hill's debut CD, which Prince wanted out that night, even using the dreaded Spotify, if need be. Thankfully, Live Nation stepped in and put the album out for free.

The night that "Back In Time" was debuted at Paisley, Hill performed with a band that consisted of Chance Howard, Xavier, Kip Blacksire, Kirk Johnson, and a local Minneapolis musician we only know as Jesse at this time.

Prince may have found his "Angel In The Dark" for real. The rumors we are hearing is that Judith Hill has been rehearsing with her band mentioned above, and when Prince resumes his "Hit And Run" tour in April, Hill will be his opening act. Between photo and video shoots, those rehearsals must be funk fests!

Now late last week, it was announced that Jolene Cherry, who claims to have discovered Lady Gaga (Gaga and her manager have remained mum on that btw.) filed a lawsuit against Hill claiming a breach of contract by recording and releasing an album with Prince. Sony Music and Cherry were assigned by "The Voice" at the time to record with Hill and signed her to a contract. Cherry over the past two years has made it public that her love of the music industry was gone and wanted to leave it. With Hill "under contract" with someone making that claim, Sony Music distanced themselves from Cherry and restructured their relationship and contract with Jolene.

In Cherry's lawsuit, which was also sent out as a press release, she tried to word it that herself and Sony Music were suing Hill for breach of contract and also suing Prince for recording with her. Now TMZ, Rolling Stone and others repeated the press release verbatim using words such as Prince being underhanded. It seems only The Hollywood Reporter did their homework.

It appears that Hill filed a lawsuit earlier in the week against Cherry, something that a majority of the press did not report. Hill cited Cherry as "proved to be incompetent, erratic, unstable and wholly unable to perform the obligations that Ms. Hill had been promised both orally and in writing."

Cherry may have grabbed headlines but we have a feeling she will not be grabbing a win in court. Suing Prince for interference and breach of a contract he didn't sign? Grasping at straws. To battle an artist that took on the music industry that pushed him to the brink that some would call career suicide? Yea, good luck with that!

Prince has been on a roll lately with proteges to Andy Allo, Liv Warfield, working with Rita Ora, and now Judith Hill. "Back In Time" is a really great debut for Hill and to have a band with experienced and talented musicians makes her a major threat and one to keep an eye on in 2015 and beyond!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Cherry, Cherry. Tsk. Tsk. Will I be sued next? Sucks just as bad as a letter marked cease n desist.


New PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Song “WHAT IF?” TO World Premiere Tomorrow!

Prince Promo Photo

PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL have just sold out 4 shows in Louisville, Kentucky. A Kentucky radio station will world premiere a new song entitled "What If?" tomorrow.

Louisville is the hometown of 3RDEYEGIRL drummer Hannah Welton.

This is from the stations Facebook Page:

We're world premiering a Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL song tomorrow!!!

In honor of the upcoming Hit and Run shows this weekend, we'll be debuting a brand new Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL song, "WHAT IF," tomorrow on WFPK. It features Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL drummer and Louisville native Hannah Welton on vocals.

We're waiting on an exact time from The Purple One himself, so stay tuned for more details!

New music! Yes! Prince just released 2 new albums back in September of last year, Art Official Age and one with 3RDEYEGIRL entitled "PLECTRUMELECTRUM". "WHAT IF?" is a brand NEW song not featured on those albums!

You can stream 91.9 WFPK Radio HERE!!!!!

When they have a time "WHAT IF?" will debut we will update this post!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thanks to Natalie R. for the tip!


PRINCE To Kick Off U.S. Hit & Run Tour 2015 Next Week!

PRINCE KOKO London Photo: NPGRECORDS 2015/Tina K.

PRINCE along with his band 3RDEYEGIRL are set to embark on a U.S. Hit & Run Tour that will kick off next week in Louisville, KY March 14th. That show will go on sale Monday March 9th at 10 A.M. on LiveNation.com

No other dates have been announced yet.

3RDEYEGIRL drummer Hannah Ford Welton's hometown is Louisville, KY.

A portion of the show's proceeds will be donated to local charities.

As more U.S. Tour dates become announced, we will announce them here. Thanks to Kurt K. for the tip!-DocFB

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Shoot The J! Photo Of PRINCE From His Junior High Basketball Team Goes Viral!

Apparently just posting the photo to our Instagram account wasn't enough. A photo of PRINCE from his Junior High Basketball team has went viral in a short amount of time.

"Prince was an excellent player," basketball coach Richard Robinson told the Star Tribune. But apparently, Prince wasn't too pleased being the sixth or seventh man, and wanted to be on the starting lineup: "He was unhappy and he expressed that many, many times." He sure showed those starting players, huh?

So for those that doubted the Chappelle skit, now you know better!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Game blouses!....(Like everyone else is not saying that right now!)


Sports Boxers & Briefs: PRINCE Thrilled That Kevin Garnett Is Back With Minnesota!

Kevin Garnett Timberwolves Promo Photo 2015

PRINCE was not at the press conference of Kevin Garnett announcing his return to the Minnesota Timberwolves and he is not expected to attend his first game back at the Target Center Wednesday, but make no mistake about it, the Purple One is thrilled that KG is back in MPLS!

Longtime Prince historian Jon Bream wrote today that someone close to Prince wanted it to be known how he feels about Kevin being back and he does plan on attending Timberwolves games in the future. No word yet if Prince will be performing at Target Center anytime soon though.

Prince is a longtime Garnett and NBA fan and can school you on the court.

Several years ago, Garnett was filming a Gatoraide commercial at Prince's Paisley Park studios. Prince could not be there for the shoot but instructed his staff to take very good care of KG and give him some NPG swag as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: KG, welcome.....home!


ICYMI: Will Smith Does The “Fresh Prince” Rap On Ellen!

Will Smith Screen Cap CW.com

Will Smith was on Ellen yesterday to promote his new movie "Focus" due in theaters this weekend. During a commercial break, he rapped the "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" theme song.

He got the entire audience to participate and help him sing the song. Check out the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Guess they had real fans in the house....