4th Of July

Twitter Video Premiere: Kelis “4th Of July”

Here is the video for “4th Of July” from Kelis and it will be played for several summers and not only this 4th of July summer! If you tweeted on the 4th of July, your tweet may be in this video version of the song. Check it out above.-Dr.FB Follow Dr. Funkenberry on Twitter!

Jamie Foxx & Mr. D.O.A. Jay-Z Party At T.A.O.

Celebrating the 4th of July along with Rihanna was Jay-Z and Mr. MC Jamie Foxx. This photo looks like Jay-Z wanted no ways to party with Jamie who I am sure was getting more Vegas ass than a toilet seat especially on 4th of July weekend.  I mean, J got got B so he don’t […]

The 4th Bring Jon & Kate Plus 8 Together

Sometimes the holidays do bring people together and the 4th of July was no exception. Jon & Kate plus 8 celebrated the 4th of July setting off fireworks for the first time in weeks without it being on television. Was it being recorded for a later broadcast?  Yes, it was. They said the pending divorce […]

Happy 4th Of July

Hope you all are planning on celebrating and just trying to have fun.  Me?  No plans yet but that can change pretty fast. Much Love.-Dr.FB