Exclusive! D’Angelo Performs New Song “The Charade” & The Classic “Lady”! Watch Now!

D'Angelo dropped some new music during his House Of Blues 4th Of July show on the Sunset Strip. The new song is entitled "The Charade" and we are not sure what happened to the audio around the 2:12 mark but Jesse Johnson's solo still kills!

Although D'Angelo did NOT play "Untitled" he did play "Lady" which had the women shouting things that could have been shouted after the song. Check out the performance of "Lady" below.

We want to thank Cody aka darklotus69 for providing the exclusive footage above for us.

What do you think of D'Angelo's new song "The Charade" and the classic "Lady" live performances?-DocFB

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  1. Great solo by Jesse. I guess leaving the Time was a good decision for him. He’s on tour and they are not.

  2. Please come to Europe we know how to appreciate you !!!!!!!Very happy to see you back….

  3. prince influence all over it and him….

  4. Crappy Music by Average Musicians

  5. this is awesome! thank you!

  6. PLEASE can this just come out now!!!! I can’t wait to be blasting this while I pretend I’m a professional dancer in my living room!!

  7. LOVE

  8. Real music by real musicians

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