Lady Gaga Releases Snippet Of Duet With R. Kelly “Do What U Want” Listen Now!

Lady Gaga Photo: Twitter.com

The track we were curious about when Lady Gags dropped the track list to "ArtPop" last week was "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly. Through a Best Buy ad, we get to hear some of it.

As far as 20 second samples goes, we are digging it. We know it is coming where there will be an entire song posted in 5 second video clips on Vine. We know it is coming...and we already dislike it!

At least the song will be released in full on October 21st. Another song will be available October 27th and a 3rd On November 4th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Welcome back R. Kelly.....


Target To Sell High-End “Hunger Games” Merchandise

Target has hit the "Hunger Games" bullseye, selling high-end merchandise exclusively to promote the DVD release of the movie August 18th.

According to Variety, the chain will be selling a 14-carat gold reproduction of Katniss Everdeen's Mockingjay pin for $999, a replica of her leather hunting jacket for $349 and a lithograph signed by pic's cast, including Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, for $699.

All three will only be available on Target's website, beginning midnight Aug. 18, with only 100 of the pins and lithographs, and 50 jackets available over three days.

In stores, the company will sell more traditional movie merchandise -- from backpacks and lunchboxes to jewelry, pillow cases and life-size cardboard cut-outs of the film's characters -- with prices starting at a more manageable $7.

Walmart is bundling the DVD and Blu-ray with a Mockingjay pendant and downloads of bonus content, including looks at the stunts and fashions from the pic through Vudu. Best Buy offers its own limited edition collectible with its two-disc combo packs, while Costco is theming its boxed set around the film's District 12 with bonuses, including a necklace. Prices range from $21-$45.

Will be buying any "Hunger Games" merchandise?-DocFB


The Original 7ven AKA The Time To Hold Q & A Session At Grammy Museum

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo
The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven aka The Time are showing a documentary about the group at the Grammy Museum and afterwards they are going to hold a Q & A session.

The documentary is entitled Reel To Reel and the event cost $10.00 and tickets can only be purchased at the Grammy Museum.  The event takes place Tuesday, October 18th, a day before the Original 7ven's concert at Club Nokia Wednesday, October 19th.

The Grammy Museum released this press release:

The GRAMMY Museum is proud to debut the intriguing new documentaryThe Original 7ven in the Clive Davis Theater. Chronicling the adventures of seven young musicians; Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir, and Jerome Benton, the 80-minute film illustrates how the group came together in the early 80's and eventually rewrote music history. Required viewing for any fan of the Minneapolis Sound, the documentary is an up-close-and-personal portrait of life as told by the band members themselves. Their new album, Condensate, will be released the same day. After the screening, a group of panelists involved with the production, including the entire band, will be available to take audience questions.

Make sure to buy the best Buy version of the CD, as the documentary will come with the CD.

We are looking forward to the event.  Again, you can only purchase tickets through the Grammy Museum.  For the concert, there are still plenty of great seats left that can be purchased here.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We #Trendin


Free Orianthi Show In New York!

Orianthi File Photo
Orianthi File Photo

Orianthi File Photo

Fans of Orianthi, she is performing tonight for free in New York!

She will be at the Union Square Best Buy in NYC. The concert will begin at 6:30 pm, and Orianthi will be signing autographs and meeting fans after her performance.

Hope you are able to check out the show!-Dr.FB


Lady Gaga Takes Her Time At Signing

As we reported yesterday, Lady Gaga did an in-store signing of her latest CD "Fame Monster" and Dr. Funkenberry Dr. Dre was there to introduce her.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of fans that showed up way early for this event and Best Buy got it under control shortly before they opened the store.  Gaga took care of the fans by feeding them pizza.

The event was supposed to be about 2 hours, just signing her CD for each person and moving on to the next.  Gaga did not do that. She signed each CD, posed for pictures, gave fans hugs and chilled there for several hours.

That is cool and I am sure she made fans for life last night.-Dr.FB


Lady Gaga Takes Care Of Her Fans

Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage
Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage

Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage

At 6 A.M. this morning, there was some "Bad Romance" outside a Best Buy store in Los Angeles where Lady Gaga was to do a signing for her "Fame Monster" CD.

Over a 100 people were already there and 2 lines were being made.  Some fans were there from 6 P.M. Sunday.  Best Buy was able to get things together, as the line got longer and longer. 

Lady Gaga heard about the line and how long some people were there and she decided to feed them.   We are told by people in line that Gaga ordered from a local Papa Johns pizza. 40 pizzas were delivered at 3 P.M. and another 40 at 6 P.M. 

Gaga tweeted "Sending all my little monsters little pizzas for waiting all night for me at best buy. I hope you're hungry...eat up I love u!"

TMZ is reporting the bill was about a $1,000.  See, that is cool.  You can knock Gaga or other celebs, but when they do stuff like that for the fans, I LOVE that.  The only thing cooler would be if she served them.  That is asking too much. 

Dr. Dre just showed up to introduce Lady Gaga. It is insane in there!

Here is hoping Gaga did not dress up like a big ol mushroom or some other random pizza topping for the event.-Dr.FB

Best Buy Lada Gaga Instore Madness.  Photo: Cherrytree Records

Best Buy Lada Gaga Instore Madness. Photo: Cherrytree Records


“SuperGroup” Chickenfoot Announce Album & Tour Plans

Chickenfoot; Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Sammy Hagar & Mark Anthony.  File Photo
Chickenfoot; Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Sammy Hagar & Mark Anthony.  File Photo

Chickenfoot; Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Sammy Hagar & Mark Anthony. File Photo

Chickenfoot, the highly anticipated (sic) new rock group, comprised of guitar hero Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and frontman Sammy Hagar, will take the stage for a limited number of live shows, featuring music from their self-titled debut album, Chickenfoot, set for a June 9th release.