Bobby Brown Goes Heart To Heart With Ellen About Whitney…And We Believe Him!

Ellen DeGeneres is the best interviewer ever. Seriously. After what has happened to Whitney Houston and his actions, we don't exactly have mad love for Bobby Brown. Yet, after watching Ellen, we feel his loss.

He talks about the flack he received performing the night of Whitney's death. I never fully understood why he did get grief for that. The comments a few days later where he said he is still "Bad ass Bobby Brown" was a little bit more offensive.

"She worked hard. Played hard. Lived hard. Loved hard" Bobby explained to Ellen about Whitney.

This whole reality show that Whitney Houston and even with Bobby's own show leaves a bad taste in our mouths. For one moment though, we felt Bobby's loss. Ellen really does humanize people.-DocFB

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  1. Considering he was married to her and we weren’t, I can’t say what she would have wanted him to do. They understood their relationship. Bobby gets a bad wrap in regards to Whitney who was an addict prior to meeting him. They were bad for each other.

  2. I have never blamed Bobby Brown for Whitney’s drug habits. However, I still think he is the stuff that gets stuck to the slim under my shoe!

    During the interview, Brown said upon Whitney’s death, she would have wanted him to continue performing.

    Nonsense! She would have wanted his worthless ass to go and see about his daughter!

    Bobby Brown is a troll and unlike most people, I hate him for all the RIGHT reasons!

  3. I will always love you Whitney and Bobby Brown. God Bless you and ur daughter and families <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  4. Bobby is a real stand up dude that gets a bad rep. Because of his past drug use & the blame for Whitney’s which should be obvious by now. It wasn’t his doing…R.I.P Whitney

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