Video Debut: Carrie Underwood “Blown Away”

E! Entertainment debuted the new music video for "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood. Just in case some feel she lost her country touch for a more pop appeal, she makes sure to mention "whiskey" a few times in the song.

Due to the black and white visual used for most of the video and the tornado, it is being likened to "Wizard Oz Oz" although we don't think there was an abusive dad or the mention of "Oklahoma" in the song instead of Kansas. To each their own.

We do find it interesting that Pink's new video is in black and white mostly and titled "Blow Me (One Last Kiss" and this one is titled "Blown Away". Hmm.

We still dig Carrie Underwood and the girl still has pipes. The song to me isn't as great as her other stuff but it might grow on me.-DocFB


American Idol Finale Underwhelms, Much Like This Season


Leave it to the judges to save the show on the American Idol finale as Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler along with his band Aerosmith to make the show somewhat watchable.

It was obvious after Tuesday's show that Phillip Phillips was going to be the next American Idol. Maybe if Jessica Sanchez was able to perform with Jennifer Holliday on Tuesday's show, she would have made it more interesting.

Chaka Khan dazzled with her very skinny self and Neil Diamond showed that he can still dress sharp and bring his own style to the show.

There was a tribute to Robin Gibb that was somewhat off key.  A tribute for Donna Summer that was to feature Sheila E. never made it to live air.  Guess there just wasn't time after an on air proposal from former Idol castoff's Ace and a girl with a nice backside.

The finale underwhelmed like it did for most of the season.  We were not talking about the performances, aside from Jessica Sanchez being "saved" weeks ago.  Nope.  We focused on Jennifer Lopez's dresses and some overobsessed on her make up.  We looked for what Steven would say.

We never had that shining moment.  We had a moment when Sanchez did "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston earlier in the season.  To show how much this season lacked, they had Sanchez sing the song again last night.

The American Idol Finale used to pull in Super Bowl numbers with special guests and a few surprises.  There were no surprises.  Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler made it bearable last night but not "must see" at all.

So, expect Jennifer to get her $25 million plus.  Expect Tyler to pull in $12 million and to see them next year.  The thing is, unless the talent improves, something has to change on Idol.

Somewhere, Simon Cowell is scheming.  If the judges of American Idol are stealing the show, his judges will do more than that.  With Britney Spears signed on and up and comer Demi Lovato there as well, it makes "must see tv" for X Factor.

The reason?  The talent pool on X Factor was much better than Idol's this year.  Simon knew his show needed improvements and fast.  Hiring Spears and Lavato gets them age groups that Idol no longer has.

Idol had to remind us about Kris Evans and Taylor Hicks last night.  They even took credit for Adam Lambert (Not an Idol winner) hitting number 1 knocking off Carrie Underwood, who was an Idol winner.

The Voice isn't dominating yet although the talent pool on that show was better than Idol this season.  Simon Cowell knows Idol dropped the ball and he intends to pick it up and not give it back.

What did you think of the Idol Finale last night?-DocFB


Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” Set To Debut At Number 1?

Adam Lambert Photo: Evan Klanfer
Adam Lambert Photo: Evan Klanfer

Adam Lambert Photo: Evan Klanfer

Adam Lambert released "Trespassing" yesterday and it is set to debut at number 1 next week on the Billboard album charts.

Although the CD is only estimated to sell around 80,000 copies, the lowest amount since last August, which was Adele's "21" btw, we see "Trespassing" having staying power unlike say "MDNA" by Madonna which quickly rose to number 1 but dropped faster than Lebron James trying to take the last shot in a playoff game.

But could Carrie Underwood 's "Blown Away" or Adele's "21" still block Lambert from hitting number 1?  It really depends on Lambert's performance on American Idol this week.  We think he will blow people away and get people heading to I-Tunes or wherever they still sell CD's nowadays.

What about you?  have YOU purchased "Trespassing" yet?-DocFB


Video: Carrie Underwood “Good Girl” Gone Wild….

"Good Girl" is the latest video by Country's Carrie Underwood and we didn't knew a good girl could look so hot.

"Good Girl" is the first single from her new CD entitled "Blown Away" which is due in stores May 1st.

If the CD is as good as the first video looks, it is going to be a great CD.

Check out the "Good Girl" video above and let us know what you think.-DocFB


A Weekend Of Celeb Weddings!!!!

Emily Blunt & John Krasinski.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Emily Blunt & John Krasinski. Photo: GettyImages.com

What a weekend to have a wedding!!!!!!

Country singer Carrie Underwood married hockey player Mike Fisher.

John Krasinki of "The Office" married actress Emily Blunt.

Basketball Superstar Carmello Anthony married Former MTV VJ Lala Vasquez,

Funnyman Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibb got married as well.

I wonder if this might be the new trend to marry in July instead of June.

Congrats to the all the couples who got married this weekend!-Dr.FB


Orianthi Rocks “According To You” On American Idol

Drfunkenberry.com artist Orianthi performed her top 20 smash "According To You"  on American Idol last night and debuted a new hair 'do.

We are so proud of Orianthi for gracing the stage of American Idol and don't forget she will be on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno tonight, which also features Janet Jackson.

For those that missed it, below is the interview we did with Ori recently. Hope you enjoy it.-Dr.FB


Carrie Underwood ‘s Puppy Love

Carrie Underwood.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Carrie Underwood. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Check out this released photo of Carrie Underwood for pet adoption. 

Girl and puppy are just too cute.  :)

Come on admit it, it's nice.-Dr.FB