Video: Madonna “Celebration”

Here is the new video from Madonna, Celebration from her upcoming Greatest Hits package.

What do you think of the song and video?-Dr.FB

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  1. I love it! I can’t stop watching it and I envy her for her thighs! Good lawd@!

  2. the dress reminds me of a lady gaga rip off……come one Madonna you can do better.

  3. That is awful!

  4. Love it!!! Love everything Madonna does!!! She looks hot and so do her dancers – especially the cute one dancing with no shirt on and the red pants – whew – hot flash!!!

  5. I like it! Madonna looks great


  7. I like Madonna but that song and video sucked. I must say, Madonna looks great. You wouldn’t know that she is really 51 but all that shaking and all those dancers was just way too much. Not a good look Madge.

  8. song is great….she shouldve used the album version tho…

    the video…thank god itunes has it for free….not really worth the two bucks

    i agree (dress is nice!)

  9. estuve toppisimo! it was fabulous! madge is amazing

  10. I agree with violetsareblue, the dress is the best part of this whole thing…..

  11. The song doesn’t blow me away, forgettable really.
    Tthe video better than the song but only because I love her dress

  12. I love Madonna and I have mad love 4 her!But this joint is disappointing!What happened to her doing what others aren’t?Granted I know that she is older & wiser but a simple club beat with adolescent lyrics is not going to cut it for me!I expect more from her!Maybe she has lost the passion for it….cause I feel nothing from this. 🙁

  13. The video does nothing for the song. Not my fav. video and i’ll just leave it like that.


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