Lindsay Lohan Does Not Think She Has A Problem

Lindsay Lohan discusses that she is no longer doing drugs and think she has done enough to not go to prison, even she has only done 10 of the 13 required classes for driving under the influence. She is still saying her passport was stolen from her room. You know, if she hadn’t had so many […]

Jackson Family To Attend Conrad Murray’s Trial

Dr. Conrad Murray.

The Jackson family will be there today when Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial begins.  Who else will be there?  Some of the most die hard MJ fans who will be protesting Conrad Murray outside of the court house. There will be at least 15 Jackson family members there and hundreds of fans as movement started on […]

Jon & Kate’s Court Date

Jon & Kate Gosselin were in court today in PA, for a dispute over the money Jon took out last week. Jon reportedly took over $200,000 out of their joint bank account, leaving Kate with a $1,000 The judge did not rule today but set another court date for October 26th.-Dr.FB

Amy Winehouse Cleared Of Assault Charges

We haven’t seen Wino Amy in a hot minute, so instead of posting pics, I decided to add video so we can see all of her tats, bleached hair and oh yeah, that is one LONG cig!  She looks healthier and I’m loving her outfit. Let’s hope she hits the studio soon, we need freshness […]