Daughtry Premieres New Single From Batman Soundtrack

Chris Daughtry File Photo
Chris Daughtry File Photo

Chris Daughtry File Photo

Daughtry has just released "Drown In You" that will appear on the Batman: Arkham City" video game soundtrack October 4th.

The video game will be released on October 18th and if you buy the collector's edition of the video game, you will get a download code for the entire video game soundtrack.

Here is "Drown In You" courtesy of our friends at E! Online:

The soundtrack track list is below:

1. Panic! At The Disco - Mercenary

2. Coheed and Cambria - Deranged

3. The Duke Spirit - Creature

4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Shadow On The Run

5. Blaqk Audio - Afterdark

6. The Raveonettes - Oh, Stranger

7. (Crosses) - The Years

8. The Damned Things - Trophy Widow

9. Daughtry - Drown In You

10. The Boxer Rebellion - Losing You

11. Serj Tankian - Total Paranoia

So far, I do like the Daughtry song. What do you think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: The Joker Would Be Proud


The Hoff Is Off! David Hasselhoff Gets Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars

David Hasselhoff, Kym Johnson AP Photo/ABC, Adam Larkey
David Hasselhoff, Kym Johnson AP Photo/ABC, Adam Larkey

David Hasselhoff, Kym Johnson AP Photo/ABC, Adam Larkey

We knew when Margaret Cho was staying on early in the show that David Hasselhoff was in trouble and we were right.  He had a "Situation" with him in the final 2 but you knew the Jersey Shore had enough GTL (Gym Tan Laundry for all you gooks who did not know that) in him to stay.

We had to watch a somewhat funny clip of Adam Corolla before a few good musical performances from Daughtry, Santana and India Arie.

We think what may have hurt "The Hoff" was having to follow Jennifer Grey, the one we are rooting for. 

Now we won't be able to see Hasselhoff's daughters. 

So what do you think?  Should David Hasselhoff have been eliminated?-Dr.FB


Dancing with the Stars 9/20: Premier Show Review

Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Promo Photo
Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Promo Photo

Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Promo Photo

I was a little skeptical when I heard the list of celebs for the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars. However, after tonight's premier, I am hooked! They are all so mediocre and kinda boring, that there is no stand out...and that makes me want to see who in the hell is going to win this year.

For a full review of each contestant  jump on >>>>>>>>>>>>>


Lifehouse Returns With Top Ten Debut

Lifehouse, whose biggest hit was "Hanging On A Moment" has another hit on their hands "Halfway Gone" as their CD "Smoke & Mirrors" debuted at #6 on the Billboard charts.  That is the band's highest debut ever and it could be debuting on Funkenberry Radio shortly.  It is up to you.

Lifehouse is currently set to take the road with Daughtry as the tour kicks off later this week. 

Lifehousemusic has the tour dates and more.  For now, enjoy the video for "Halfway Gone" and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


American Idol Season 8: The rock concert continues, but not for one.

Allison Iraheta


Allison Iraheta


Top four performed rock songs last night with the help of Slash, and tonight we find out who will go home. It's just a matter of sitting back and waiting an hour to find out, but really, do we need a whole hour? Apparently, according to the Idol producers, we do. Although, tonight, I may agree. No Doubt and Chris Daughtry will be performing tonight. That is a lineup I can get behind. Breaking again from tradition, the group performance is also featuring the mentor from last night, Slash. The guy has not lost a thing in his playing. In my eyes, Slash revolutionized the guitar solo, and tonight, he showed us how.