Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson, & Bobby Brown Perform “Every Little Step”

Ok, last week, we posted “Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown as our Old School Jam Of The Moment and had NO idea that Wayne Brady did a version with Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown recently for Well, you know we had to share it with you!  Thanks for the person who left a […]

Piranha 3D Oscar Contender?

Ha!  Check out this funny or die clip for why Piranha 3D deserves to be nominated for Oscars. Kelly Brook and Jerry O’Connell make a few valid points, no?  Check it out above.-Dr.FB

Video~Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Take On Education Cuts

Megan Fox is “Hot For Teacher” with Brian Austin Green and it is time to say no! No to budget cuts when it comes to schools.  Please go to to see what you can do to make a change.  Show the “Governator” that cutting budgets at schools is NOT the answer.-Dr.FB

Heidi Montag Makes Fun Of Her Plastic Surgery

We almost did not post this due to Spencer Bratt Pratt being in it. Here is a funny or die video of Heidi Montag making fun of her plastic surgery she has had. It’s funny now, yes. A few more surgeries….it won’t be so funny. Check out the video and let me know what you […]