Video: Gwen Stefani Joins Bush For “Glycerine” KROQ Performance

Gwen Stefani joined her husband Gavin Rossdale on stage for a performance of "Glycerine" at Saturday's KROQ Acoustic Christmas event in Los Angeles.

I must say that Gav's arms are pretty kick ass. I'm a little jealous. Yea, like I wasn't jealous already with him married to the talented Gwen Stefani.

Look's like that big time blogger reporting their was trouble in their marriage was wrong....as usual. Don't start stuff like that again puff n stuff or the New Doubt n Bush fans are gonna riot.

Gwen sealed her performance with a kiss to Gavin. Awesome performance.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We are serious Puff n Stuff....


Prince Oscar After Show Report On It’s Way…

I am drained.  My ears sound like they are in an ocean tunnel.

I will give a much more detailed report later but right now if I did it, it would be half-assed.

Prince fooled everyone when the sounds of "Purple Rain" went off to start the show but went into the new groove of "Oldskoolcompany" (If I spelled it wrong, I am sure you will let me know.)

He played for about two hours or so.  Kicked it off at like 1:45 A.M. Covers and hits and the club really was Hollywood Swinging.

Listen, ET's Kevin Frazier was there and got an exclusive look at what looked like a cell phone of that lotusflower/lotusflow3r.com cover. You might want to record ET tonight to see if it airs.  Kevin wasn't knocking back too many drinks so he should have the report in on time.  I just kid Kev, but can the report be longer than 2 minutes this time?  Yeesh.

Let's see, big shout out to my girl from KROQ, loved hearing the bathroom story first hand and your a sweetheart.  Much love to John and my new friend Anna.  Girl, you crazy!

Also, love how another blogger posted the party news as exclusive info. Bizitch please!  ;) Heard the security guys were asking how people heard of the show n you all were saying drfunkenberry.com and I appreciate it sooo much!  As soon as I heard KROQ was called, I called 100.3 and 92.3 to let others know of the show as well.

No celeb guest list right now as my brain is mush.  I think I just need a few hours of rest and I can give it a go.  Hope you guys liked the Oscar coverage too.  Talk soon and much love.-Dr.FB


Another L.A. Radio Station Bites The Dust

Man, this news just sucks! Want to thank the tipster that sent it in.

Talk KLSX/97.1 FM will flip to a new Top 40 format called "AMP RADIO" at 5 p.m. Friday, CBS announced Wednesday.
Current talk show hosts Adam Carolla, the team of Frosty, Heidi & Frank, and Tom Leykis will do their final shows live Friday, with Leykis tossing the switch at 5 p.m. to "AMP RADIO," which will begin with 10,000 songs in a row with limited commercial interruption "or about 28 days of just full-on music," according to Dan Weiner, senior vice president and market manager for CBS radio in Los Angeles.

This is gonna be more pop radio n will be run by the same person who runs KROQ andJACKFM. Wonder if President Obama can break up these station corporations with the FCC.-Dr.FB


Christian Bale Calls KROQ: “I Was Out of Order.”

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

Christian Bale

Christian Bale called L.A. radio station KROQ 106.7FM to speak with Kevin and Bean this morning and apologize for the rant heard 'round the world. He says he resolved differences with Terminator 4 DP Shane Hurlbut later that very day, and adds that Shane did a "wonderful, professional job."

"Please, I am asking people, do not allow my onetime lapse in judgement, my incredibly embarrassing meltdown, to overshadow this movie," he implored.

To hear Christian's mea culpa in full, click here.


Prince’s New Website To Be Unveiled Tonight!

Prince Slicked Back.  Photo:Afshin Shahidi for L.A. Times

Prince Slicked Back. Photo: Afshin Shahidi for L.A. Times

And Tonight, the unveiling...

More prized than a trip to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory are the invitations granted for tonight's unveiling of Prince's latest galactic web project,  lotusflow3r.com . Press invitees include Steve Appleford of Rolling Stone; Benjamin Trott from Six Apart; Kat Corbett from KROQ; Danny Shea and Katherine Thomson, music and entertainment editors from The Huffington Post; Emily McKay from NME and Edna Gunderson of USA Today. Also invited to the secret soiree are 3 select Purple Ticket winners, whose names have been withheld to protect what's left of their innocence.

The plan since the beginning has been to show the work to the press today, while anticipation builds for the official opening.  Following the special preview, guests will be treated to an hour-long concert in the funkiest house in the Hills. After that, we hear the band plans to crash Clive Davis' party with an Alicia Keys joint they've rearranged.

With a beginning like this, no doubt this year is about to be stellar!

(This sounds really fun.  Purple ticket holders aka lucky dogs.  Can't wait to hear about it.)-DR.FB