Mayte Garcia Talks About Performance This Week

Mayte Dancing Feb. 8th, 2008.  Photo By: Gary Stevens
Mayte Dancing Feb. 8th, 2008.  Photo By: Gary Stevens

Mayte Dancing. Photo By: Gary Stevens

As we told you before, friend of the site, Mayte Garcia is dancing as part of Dita Von Teese's show this Wednesday at the Avalon/Bardot club in Hollywood.

I asked if she had anything she wanted to share with me and all of you about the show and what she has been up to.  She did and to sum it up, she is excited!

" I am very excited. I am performing solo and it will be a sword dance with a cool drum solo. It will be very informal but fun. I am excited because it is going to be great!"

She also wanted to add that she has a DVD coming out and it will be titled "The Elements of Belly Dance By Mayte" and we should have a shot of the DVD to share you with you very soon.

Mayte has been doing a few shows as of late, "Army Housewives" and "Dance Your A@@ Off" which airs on Oxygen Monday nights.

I want to thank Mayte for her time and can't wait to see your performance and Dita's on Wednesday. We are excited for the performance and for  you as well Mayte.-Dr.FB

Mayte Performing  Feb. 2008. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

Mayte Performing. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

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  1. Like a flame she came and I was no longer cold…

  2. Que Rico for real! Is she single? Is she married? Come on Doc, an armo has to know.

    I just bought two tickets too. Thanks doc for the heads up. But seriously, hook me up with that info!

  3. “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”

    ‘nough said.

  4. OK, I just purchased 2 tickets. After your Dita post from earlier and now these photos of this amazingly beautiful woman, I had to go.

    Taking the wifey but this is all for me. Haha!

  5. Mmmmmmm Mayte is so beautiful, and so talented, wish she’d come to the midwest/ st louis area!!

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