What’s Up Doc? The Week In Review 3/19

For your listening and viewing pleasure, here is the week that was in Entertainment with Dr.Funkenberry.

We touch on Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson's $250 million dollar deal, and Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James cheating on her.

Props to Lenny Kravitz, Orianthi, and YOU are on there as well.

For those that will ask, yes that is me on the week in review.  Well, at least my voice.  🙂

Hope you guys enjoy.-Dr.FB

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  1. Loved the recap of the week and love that voice!

  2. guess I wasn’t the only one listening 2 that song yesterday LOL

  3. Glad you all enjoyed it, we’ll try to do one every Friday for you. And 319 – well, we just HAD to. 😉

  4. This is something., I suggest you do this more often because it is quite interesting and entertaining! Just a good break from a handful of daily routines.. thanks for breaking it!

  5. i love that you used that song. that really made my day. i love when he pops up unexpectedly like that.

  6. What a wonderful way to begin the weekend…hearing your voice has made my day a special one!!! ( ; Have a great one…not YOU…..me xoxoxo

  7. Aaaawww it’s so nice to hear your voice deary..!!

  8. Awesome! Great idea! Thought of doing a podcast?! Maybe you could include some new music too (or just play some more of that hawt intro song 😉

  9. Um, that’s some voice you got there Doc. (blush)

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