Prince Is “Extra Loveable” But Where Will He Play Next?

Prince  Copyright NPG Records

Prince at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Dec. 29 | Copyright NPG Records 2010

Hmm.  Prince is "Extra Loveable"...and we know that you know that.  So is the doc as well.

We can only guess PRINCE is not worried about new lawsuit claims. (What?  Didn't think WE would mention it? tsk.  He is not worried bout, we ain't worried bout it.) 

Perhaps he is on a high with Misty Copeland being his "date" to Elton John's Oscar party.....that we did not even hear if Prince even had an Oscar party.....shoot, we would be on a high too.  A girl the doc dated in high school was a former ballerina n she was quite bendy.  Ahem.  'Scuse me.....

Wherever PRINCE plays next, make your way there!!!!!

We just got word that he got a 25 minute live version of the bootleg classic "EXTRA LOVEABLE" that he is about to unleash.  What do you know about that PURPLE FUNK????? 

(I know I would love to hear a sample of that 25 minutes, PRINCE.  Ahem.  Just putting it out there.....)

With PRINCE bringing out jams like "Extra Loveable" the party is going to go on for days ya'll!!!!!!!

BTW, do we still have permission to tweet during a show that has "Extra Loveable" in it?-Dr.FB

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com

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  1. I am sure this will be released with the 20TEN DELUXE album ….. LOL

  2. Where will he play next??? ATLANTA?????

  3. I totally agree with >> QAID AMIR Ali <>In a Large Room With no Light<< I will be a very happy Prince Fan.

    I thought he did an Excellent job on that song and am surpised he never made that an official release.

    Musgrave – Chicago

  4. Looks like someone didn’t think they needed to clean up after their dog, because this whole ARTical is a pile of dog, shhhhh… It’s just around the conner.

  5. Come to Minnesota Prince, your hometown fans are waiting for you! Home is where the heart is, housequake baby!

  6. Stop talking about his love life, it is a predictable train wreck waiting to happen. Hopefully he will release a good album soon. The ballet this and ballet that is getting really boring now, bring the funk Prince!

  7. Wow! Give it 2 me! 😀
    i loveeeeeee that song!

  8. I liked Bria, i thought they were cute together 🙁

  9. The old Prince is back! This song is a blast from the past and naughty naughty naughty. I bet Bria Valente feels like an idiot, she should have listened to Desiree Nevermind, she told her this would happen LMAO!

  10. Very interesting!Can’t wait to hear it! 🙂

  11. extra loveable – ‘don’tcha like my band?’

  12. Awwww sh***, now I got butterflies in my belly!!! BRING IT ON PRINCE. BRING IT!

  13. Of course Prince was gonna dog her out, all of his fans knew it and Bria should have known better!

  14. 20 minutes is kinda long for that song but at least it is an official release. Prince is doing what he does, I feel bad for any girl who falls for him. The smart ones will be his friends, like Sheila E.

  15. Doubt it will ever happen. Prince is notorious for keep things like that to himself. He’s a terrible marketer. Terrible. His Vault is HUGE and he doesn’t take advantage of it. I bet, this will NEVER see the light of day.

  16. Sticky Like Glue (esp the call and response at the end) is very reminiscent of Extra Lovable (at least how I’ve heard it described *ahem*), so not surprised its hovering in the air. Sure would be good for him to unleash it via the ‘net like the good ol’ days.

  17. Ok, thanks for the news but i’ll believe it when I hear it. Tell me about some new concert dates, then you got my attention! Doc gives Prince props that he still can’t keep a relationship, he was seen with Bria Valente at MGS in Dec and two months later he is dragging around the “bendy” young ballerina who danced with him. Talk about dogging someone out BUT that IS his reputation and ALL these girls should know by now he loves em and leaves em. I find it hilarious that any girl thinks he will marry them. There is no way he is still celibate. NO WAY! The JW’s cannot be happy about this LOL He is releasing a 20 minute version of Extraloveable with the lyrics “I wanna rape you” in it ……Everyone is supposed to be so excited, Ok but who has that kinda time i mean really? Unless you are hanging out at Raves.

  18. Hi Drfunkenberry Thank you for infor. Ican”t to wait to hear that song. Peace Out Sexyp

  19. I bump this song ALL the time …..2 xBOBBY Z ! sing it! Hey Dez don’t cha like my bandddd?! BABY DON’T THE GROOVE !….EXTRALOVEABLE WILL TELL YO BODY WHAT TO DO!

  20. … if the new Extra Loveable is anything like ‘In a Large Room With no Light’ then it’s gonna be HOT. Wifey and I were talkin’ about this, just this mornin’ so I had to sliiiidddeee over to my man ‘The Doc’ to see what’s up.

    Thanks Doc …

  21. Hmmm, it would be great to hear this one live or in studio! I have to commend Prince for keeping it such a tight sedret that he plans on taking up residence here in Las Vegas…Ok no rumors, I just made that up but it would be cool now that I live in Vegas…Set the Purplemusic free!

  22. When was it recorded?

  23. Xtra Lovable !!!

  24. wow love Extra Loveable cant wait to hear the live version hopefully thanx 4 sharing the info

  25. Hehe sweet. Thanks for posting doc
    Much love

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