Are You Ready For Some Football? (Finally!)

NFL Logo

NFL Logo

Yes.  Yes.  Yes!  The NFL is back baby!  The players and owners agreed to end the lockout on Monday and the season will start on time.  It is going to be a chaotic week for the NFL with the opening of training camps, trades, and free agent signings.

I was getting scared for a moment.  The NBA is still in lockout mode and if the NBA and NFL season was not going to happen, it would be tragic.  Tragic I tell ya. 

Opening weekend will be on September 11th, the anniversary of 9/11 ten years ago.  The New York Jets will host the Dallas Cowboys that night at the Meadowlands in New York.  The Green Bay Packers will celebrate their championship September 8th against the New Orleans Saints.

Less than 2 months til football season...and married women become widows for a few months.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Finally!!!!!!!  Seriously.....


Scene & Heard: The Bush & The Tush Attend Wedding

It was a family affair wedding where the Kardashian clan was in attendance for a friend's wedding.  Who else was there?  Kim Kardashian's ex...Reggie Bush.

No word if the former couple talked to each other.  Kim's current boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys star Miles Austin was not there. 

Could you imagine if he was there?  Awkward!

BTW, Miles Austin and Reggie Bush will be hanging together for Thanksgiving; Bush's New Orleans Saints will play the Cowboys in a game scheduled for that day.-Dr.FB


Oprah To Give Leno, Letterman Commercial Details

Oprah Winfrey.  Photo: Aceshowbiz.com

Oprah Winfrey. Photo: Aceshowbiz.com

Oprah Winfrey is gonna have a packed show today.  Not only will she give the behind the scenes details of the commercial she did with Jay Leno and David Letterman,  she will have Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees from the New Orleans Saints and wife and baby boy on the show.

Also, Lionel Richie will perform a special Valentines Day performance.  For those who are not from the 80's, that is Nicole Richie's father.

You might want to make sure you catch today's episode of Oprah as it looks pretty star studded.-Dr.FB


SuperBowl XLIV Most Watched TV Show In History

Saints' quarterback Drew Brees with his son


Saints' quarterback Drew Brees with his son

Saints' quarterback Drew Brees with his son | AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

On Sunday, the matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, aka SuperBowl XLIV, became the most watched television program in history, dethroning the finale of M*A*S*H which held the record for 27 years.

106.5 million people tuned in to watch the Saints come from behind and take home the trophy to New Orleans (M*A*S*H had pulled in 105.9 million viewers). Viewership was up 8% from last year's game.

Last night's game was the first domestic television show to ever crack the 100 million viewer mark. Holy footballs, Batman, that's A LOT of people!

“With all the memorable story lines going into Super Bowl XLIV combined with the awesome power of the NFL, we are thrilled with this rating, and I am extremely proud of the way the entire CBS Television Network produced, sold and promoted the most-watched television show in history,” said Sean McManus, president, CBS News and Sports.

Why do you guys think this year's SuperBowl did so well? Was it the increase in HD sets across the country? Was it the teams playing? The quarterbacks? The ads (watch them here)? -Dr.FB


Brad & Angelina Come Out For The Saints

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie & Maddox.
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie & Maddox.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie & Maddox. Photo: INFDaily.com

Well, this will put the rumors that they split to bed.....at least til the end of the week.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie along with their son Maddox attended the Super Bowl yesterday where the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts.

There has been rumors swirling for weeks that Brad and Angelina have split despite reports from their publicists that they are together.   They smooched during the game, even with that disgusting thing hanging from Brad's chin.

Maddox, when your dad is sleeping, can you do us all a favor and cut off that dead animal that died below your dad's bottom lip?  Thanks.-Dr.FB


Who Dat? It’s Sheila E.

Sheila, you are so wrong!  But...it's kind of funny.  Sheila E. made a "fight song" for the Saints late last night where she dressed up as her friend Prince.

This was obviously in response to the fight song Prince made for the Minnesota Vikings late last week.

"Dig If You Will The Playoffs...." is how it starts with a little purple beat.

Let me know what you all think.  Highlarious.-Dr.FB


Kim Kardashian Makes A “Super” Wedding Bet?

Kim Kardashian.  Photo: FamePictures.com

Kim Kardashian. Photo: FamePictures.com

Kim Kardashian made her way to Los Angeles tonight after a weekend of cheering on Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints and taking in a Charlotte Hornets game with Reggie yesterday.

There is a "rumor" going around that Kim Kardashian made a bet with Reggie Bush that if the Saints win the Super Bowl, he will ask her to marry her.

Hmm.  Is that an incentive for Reggie to win or not to win?  Oh, come on Kim, We kid we kid.  As for picking a winner, I am out of doing that, so good luck Kim.-Dr.FB