Your Next American Idol Judges…..Adam Lambert, Pink, & Justin Timberlake???

American Idol is trouble. Big time. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have just quit the show. Randy Jackson appears to be leaving the show as well. There are only 3 people who can save Idol now, and the producers need to make it happen. Who are the next American Idol…judges?

The next judges need to be Adam Lambert, Pink, and Justin Timberlake. Anyone else and the show is going to fail. You are going to want reasons aren’t you?

Adam Lambert. Let’s be real. The show hasn’t mattered since his loss to Kris Alan a few years ago. He wasn’t good enough then to be the American Idol but he is needed now to save the show. He is coming off a number 1 U.S. album with “Trespassing” and a monumental run of dates overseas with Queen. Although “Trespassing” did debut at number 1, and there is other solid material on the album, it would be in Adam’s best interest to take the Idol job…. There are no set tour plans and although some people may see this as a step back for Adam, you have to look at what it did for Steven Tyler and Aerosmith this summer to see this would be ideal for Adam and the Lamberts. Adam has been there. His advice to contestants would be invaluable.

Pink. Pink just dropped a new single and has set plans for a new album later this year. She still has a new baby at home. She would be the edge for the show. The female Simon Cowell who will tell you the truth and be short and to the point. Although she has a new album coming out, the show could work for her the way that it worked for Jennifer Lopez…and more…because unlike Jennifer Lopez, Pink is still relevant musically. She could perform on the show, premiere new videos on the show, and get the exposure all without having to leave her baby and her husband too far.

Justin Timberlake. You all remember he used to make music, right? Before he was trying to sex up Mila Kunas, he was bragging how he was going to bring “Sexyback” on “Future/Sex/Love/Sound” earlier this century. That album was filled with great material…the awful “Sexyback” aside. Either Justin has lost love for music or those movie paychecks are just too big. This could be what inspires him musically and at the same time, scope out talent for his own record label. That would have to be the provision in the contract that Justin is able to sign two artists that do not make the top 8 and 2 that do not make the top 16, giving him 4 artists that he could sign. Justin would bring a unique style to the show and at the same time, be giving Britney Spears a run for her money on X-Factor.

Think about it. This works and saves Idol at the same time. If they actually make this happen…I may watch an episode this season.

What do you think? Should Adam Lambert, Pink, and Justin Timberlake be your next American Idol judges?

Who do U want?-DocFB



  • alry
    Posted at 15:06h, 18 July

    It won’t be Pink. She already dissed Idol in Women’s Health magazine when asked what she thought about Lambert her non sequiter answer was “I’m not an Idol fan”. LOL While she was making money off his hit WWFM, One of many petty pop stars

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:10h, 17 July

    Justin Timberlake and Pink for sure:) I’ll pass on Adam Lambert!

  • NK
    Posted at 07:36h, 17 July

    Yes..Adam Lambert, he would bring some excitement and intelligence to the show and not to mention he is eye candy..Please make it work.. I would start watching the show again.

  • LexAve456
    Posted at 10:59h, 15 July

    I can see all 3 being judges but Adam Lambert would be the best of them, since he was on it and has been a mentor already. I’m interested in seeing how this all plays out.

  • RoRo
    Posted at 19:56h, 14 July

    I love that none of them are C&W artists and all very talented. Lambert mentored on the show (the others may have at some time too, I don’t really know) and really seemed to do a fine job of it. I was secretly hoping that Queen would decide to come on over to the U.S. and do a show or two with Adam Lambert. The videos of their London shows are incredible and Sony is tweeting RCA about it. It will be very interesting to see what happens next!

  • Rachel
    Posted at 15:20h, 13 July

    WHAT OSHI SAID!! Seriously, Adam is an amazing communicator as well as a total music junkie. He knows music of all kinds, knows who can/should sing what, and has a way of conveying his opinion in a constructive, non-offensive way. He’s been where these kids are and understands all the issues they will face in the real world.

    I’d actually go back to watching AI if Adam were a judge. JLo and Steven, one of my favorite frontmen of all time, were terrible in their inability to be honest and specific with contestants. They would blow smoke up these kids’ behinds and make them think they had the world by the tail then the kids would crash and burn when Idol was in their rearview mirror.

  • Ovationimpact
    Posted at 12:35h, 13 July

    When Adam Lambert mentored on AI he did a great Job of coaching some very dull performers (some with good voices) and gave spot on feedback without any embarrassing digs. As a judge he would be able to use his quick wit and highly effective communication skills to get to the point in required TV sound bites.
    For this reason alone Adam would make a the show exciting to watch.. And of course for all the other reasons everyone else is thinking…

  • mlm
    Posted at 12:34h, 13 July

    I wouldn’t mind seeing those 3 as the Idol judges. Adam is charming articulate, funny, genuine..I could go on forever. I do believe he would make the show about the contestants and not himself. So a big fat YES to Adam!

    Posted at 12:21h, 13 July

    YES YES YES Love Adam one of the best on that show ever and Pink and Justin would make a dream team !!! powers that be need to do this now !!!!

  • Bren
    Posted at 12:07h, 13 July

    Definitely, Adam!!!
    No one better for this than him…Adam’s been there, he’s worked so hard for 20 years to get where he is today, and he is a truthful but kind person.

    He was one of the best mentors I’ve seen on Idol…he cut to the chase but left dignity intact for the contestants.

    The only change I’d make is that the show needs to have the judges perform alternatively each week! That shows the contestants what they should be doing to improve and become their best self!

  • Jazz
    Posted at 11:54h, 13 July

    Adam Lambert would be a brilliant choice. He was a unique contestant and a wonderful mentor on Season 9. He’s charming, articulate, honest and knows what it’s like tobe both a contestant on the show and a rising star in Pop music! Perfect choice. Oh yeah, and I’d watch the show again.

  • Terry
    Posted at 11:16h, 13 July

    I can’t imagine anybody who could do a better job than Adam Lambert. He would bring much-needed new LIFE to Idol just like he’s done for Queen.

  • Sofia
    Posted at 11:07h, 13 July

    Adam Lambert would be an amazing pick. He always said AI was a platform to get your music career off the ground & what you do after is what will count. During and after he was on AI he was known for helping the contestants even during his own season. He created a world wide tour after his first album, For Your Entertainment which sold out. His second album, Trespassing, came out at #1 on Billboard, he is fronting for rock royalty, Queen to major kudos.

  • Jordan
    Posted at 10:52h, 13 July

    Picking Adam Lambert would be the most brilliant thing idol has down if a long, long time!! He’s perfect and I would tune in to watch just for that!!

  • Oshi
    Posted at 10:49h, 13 July

    I like it! Especially Adam Lambert. He is so smart, articulate, funny, and empathic. But he can be honest and blunt without being harsh. He is the finest male vocalist in the world today, so he KNOWS what he’s talking about! He also has the most amazing performance skills and connects with people. The Voice has set the bar high by having openly gay contestants. The Voice doesn’t shy away from it’s gay contestants the way Idol does. Having Adam would be fresh, controversial, and it’s TIME! Adam is charm personified and would win everyone over! Pink would be fabulous, too! Timberlake would be great but would cost so much! Don’t think he would do it? I like where you’re going, though. This is the judging panel from heaven! Mariah…God, no!

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