Funk & Bass Legend Larry Graham Set To Perform On David Letterman

Funk and bass legend Larry Graham is set to perform on The Late Show With David Letterman tonight!!!

Larry Graham has a new album out that features Raphael Saadiq and Prince. The album is titled "Raise Up" and can be purchased HERE.

Do not miss this rare TV performance from the bass legend.  Below is an exclusive video of Larry Graham performing "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" for you.  Enjoy and don't miss Letterman tonight!-DocFB


Raphael Saadiq Talks To Chelsea Handler As He Checks Out Her Backside

Chelsea Handler was letting her ass hang out when she met Raphael Saadiq. Chelsea will show Raphael her butt anytime he wants.

Chelsea talked about seeing him perform before and being very impressed. Elton John wrote the piece on Saadiq on Time 100's Most Influential Lists.

He also talked about when he first met Prince. interesting that Chelsea wanted to know.

Check out the interview above.-DocFB


Raphael Saadiq Performs “Soul Man” On DWTS

Raphael Saadiq performed the classic "Soul Man" on Dancing With The Stars last night.

He stuck to the original but still made it an energy filled performance.  His tux was soulful as well.

Check out Raphael Saadiq's Dancing With The Stars performance.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  More Soul Than Nancy Grace For Sure


Nikka Costa Lets Raphael Saadiq Come…In Her Box


Fresh off stage after opening for Prince at the NPG Music & Art Festival, Nikka Costa invited Raphael Saadiq to come....into her box.  "Nikka's Box" is the name of her you tube channel silly funk muffins. 

The funky duo sing an improptu version of "You Met Your Match" until Raphael gets distracted by Nikka's jacket.

Check out Nikka n Raphael.  Hmm.  These guys would make great tour mates.  Just putting it out there for 2012.

Diagnosis:  So Raphael n Adam Lambert Have Came in Nikka's Box....So Far


Exclusive Coverage Of Raphael Saadiq Performing At The NPG Music & Arts Festival

Raphael Saadiq NPG Records 2011
Raphael Saadiq NPG Records 2011

Raphael Saadiq NPG Records 2011

Here is exclusive coverage and photos of Raphael Saadiq performing at the NPG Music And Arts Festival Saturday, August 6th.

The former Tony Toni Tone front man brought the funk in his own style, and we are not talking about those pants either!  The doc is funky, but he could not pull of those pants.  Only Saadiq could.

Raphael Saadiq NPG Records 2011

Raphael Saadiq NPG Records 2011

I have only seen Saadiq perform one time and that was with a member of Earth, Wind, & Fire and Sheila E. along with Prince several years ago.  Would love to see a Raphael solo show one of these days.  Day one of the festival seems like it was incredibly funky.  Hopefully, the weather will be better for day 2.

Enjoy the photos of Raphael Saadiq performing at the NPG Music And Arts Festival.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  That's All I Ask Of You

Raphael Saadiq NPG Records 2011

Raphael Saadiq NPG Records 2011

Video Premiere: “Stone Rollin'” By Raphael Saadiq


Here is the new video "Stone Rollin'" By Raphael Saadiq, the follow up to his "Radio" video in January.

Raphael recently backed up Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger at the Grammys. 

I am digging the old sound groove of the song. It reminds me of recent Anthony Hamilton songs and that is a very good thing. 

It def gets a funk pass from me.  What do you all think?  Funk it or Dunk it?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Raphael is Stone Rollin' not Stone Playin'


Video Premiere: Raphael Saadiq “Radio”

We have new music from Raphael Saadiq and we are glad he is rocking out on "Radio" but we miss some of his soulfulness.

The girl in the video is wearing some rather interesting outfits for winter wear for sure. 

What we wouldn't do to have a soulful slow jam from Raphael like "All I Ask Of You" but we will take "Radio" as we know Raphael is trying to grow.  We just hope on his new material he finds that slow jam song that we can all get it on to.

What do you think of "Radio" by Raphael Saadiq?-Dr.FB