“A Different Kind Of Christmas” Album Features Original Member Of Parliament Funkadelic!

A new holiday album is due out entitled "A Different Kind Of Christmas" and features 2 songs, "Snow Bunny" and "Holiday Wavy" from Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame member and an original member of Parliament Funkadelic, Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey.

Brailey, an OG member of Parliament Funkadelic, or P-Funk for those in the know wrote one of the band's biggest hits "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) with the R&RHOF stated as one of the songs that "shaped rock & roll" and VH-1 listed them as one of the top 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time.

"A Different Kind Of Christmas" also features four songs from the multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Buffalo Stille aka B. Stille of Nappy Roots. He’s the youngest member of the chart-topping group and "often considered the best MC" says Rolling Stone Magazine. He has been featured in The Source Magazine for having the prestige hip hop quotable — kicked one of the critically-acclaimed performances and fan favorite verses on the single “Down ‘N Out” featuring Anthony Hamilton.

Other artists included on this album are Michael Jackson's niece, Tanay Jackson, the daughter of Tito Jackson from The Jackson 5, Thulani Jeffries and Oral Brennan of UFO, Pam Behan aka "The Kardashian Nanny", Grandmaster Roc Raida, Smoove Gotti, Da Product, J. Bill$, 1st Blood, Zara Phillips, Ty Healy, Echo, Lea Marie, Stilmatic, Kevin “DJ Dev” Grisham, Big A LTA, Michael Barber, Staxx N Waxx, Nasim, Vahagni and Bondz of Bigfoot & Bondz. “A Different Kind Of Christmas” is Executive Produced by Jonathan Hay who is known as the person who broke Rihanna - one of the most famous celebrities in the world and already one of the biggest selling artists in music history. For more information go to www.differentkindofchristmas.com-DocFB


Sabrina Is Something Like A Renegade

Sabrina Something Like A Renegade
Sabrina Something Like A Renegade

Sabrina Something Like A Renegade

Fans of Jay Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry, & Lady Gaga beware; Sabrina is here and she is on the attack!

Pop singer Sabrina is releasing her debut album "Something Like A Renegade" this week and she is taking daring shots at Jay-Z, Beyonce and Katy Perry. This album is being released through Hoopla Worldwide / WIDEawake Death Row Entertainment and is exclusively distributed through E1. Sabrina was featured on Fox News recently for referring to Jay-Z as "overrated", with some other choice words aimed at the superstar rap mogul as well.

In her album's title track, Sabrina hints at Beyonce as she sings "like a child chasing her destiny / with her arms around the Illuminati" and then later insinuates that Beyonce has her "arms wrapped tight around the enemy" in reference to her husband Jay-Z.  As for Katy Perry, Sabrina sings out: “She was raised an innocent Christian, Now she’s on stage and she’s stripping. She kissed a girl from California" and closes the song with "But I think she's kinda lonely."

Sabrina lives up to the renegade album title with another eyebrow-raising song called "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga Part Two" produced by MGC. This electro house song will have Gaga's house divided; while some "little monsters" are sure to attack, others will be dancing to it's addicting, pulsating beat. Her tongue-in-cheek renegade theme leaves no stone unturned. Earlier this week she explained to respected journalist Amber McKynzie of SOHH that a song on the album called "Jeremy" was written about her ex-husband, describing the song's hook as "a spin-off of LL Cool J's Going Back to Cali". She tells McKynzie that she was married at a young age and went through a difficult divorce, saying "My [ex-husband's name is] Jeremy, and the hook is 'I'm going back to Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy'. So it's kinda like my break-up song, like Adele minus the power." 

It's safe to say that Sabrina is taking her Revenge like Emily Thorne out on both the Carter-Knowles family in the Hamptons and her ex-family-in-law back home in Indiana. The album also features cuts like "Fallen Star" with the multi-platinum Nappy Roots, and her single "Flying High" was said to be inspired by the hit TV show "Breaking Bad", touching on crystal meth addiction, a desperate problem that the singer has witnessed firsthand from friends and relatives in both Indiana and Kentucky. Parts of "Flying High" were recorded at Maynea Records in Sweden with record producer Mani Ajami, which gives the song a catchy international sound that is currently invading pop culture.

With Sabrina's debut record having an association to it's sister company Death Row Records, Something Like A Renegade proves that the rebellious, renegade spirit that once made the iconic label tick back in the day is still alive. The album is available in stores now. You can hear "Flying High", "Something Like A Renegade" and "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga Part Two" at yoursabrina.com

Hmm. Taking on B & J, Gaga & Katy in your debut? What do you think about that?-DocFB


The Prince And Audio Stepchild Connection

Audio Stepchild Album Cover
Audio Stepchild Album Cover

Audio Stepchild Album Cover

Back in 2001, Audio Stepchild released an album entitled "Land Of The Snake Charmer" that featured the standout track "When Will Be Paid", performed by Prince, who covered the original song from The Staple Singers from 1969.

This newer version was released on BCD Music Group (A venture with Tony Draper of the legendary Suave House Records that featured a rap vocal performance from Audio Stepchild over a stunning Prince guitar solo.  Significantly, the groups has not released anything professionally since then....that is until now.

Eleven years later on May 22nd, 2012, Audio Stepchild is releasing "Every Coincidence Is Significant through Hoopla Worldwide/WIDEawake Entertainment (The same company who purchased The Death Row catalog for $18 million a few years back.) and Eone Entertainment (E1Ent).

While at Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota, Jonathan Hay, the executive producer of this album, got inspired by a tattoo that was on a musician whom he saw at Prince's legendary studio.  Years later, Audio Stepchild's singer, Sabrina, recreated a similar design for the Audio Stepchild album cover.  She describes the design as "my interpretation of a design that Jonathan described on a musician that played with Prince.  Also, it sort of embodies a visual trance similar to what I see when I listen to Prince.  Just funky, colorful, and cool.  It makes you think."

The first single from the upcoming album "Every Coincidence Is Significant" features the Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum hip hop collective the Nappy Roots.  This new studio album from Audio Stepchild has been a decade in the making and has been worked on by Grammy-Award winning engineers such as Rodney Mills (Atlanta Music Hall Of Fame Inductee), Niko Marzouca, and others.

The second single, "Last Day Of Summer" (Inspired by the Vlad Yudin film of the same name starring Nikki Reed from Twilight) features the electic soul vocalist named Nasim.  Nasim is known in the Prince camp as she made jewelry for his back up singer Shelby J.  She also made earrings for his keyboard player Cassandra O'Neal, whom she met at a Prince concert in L.A. last year.  Nasim said "I made her some earrings that I just knew she had to have and I'm making them some new jewelry as we speak."

It seems like everything might be a significant coincidence for Audio Stepchild.-DocFB


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